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History of One For All & All For One Explained – BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA CHAPTER 287

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2020)

Hey, guys welcome back to and Boku No Hero Academia is literally on fire. We will be discussing Boku No Hero Academia ch 287 today. Spoiler warning for anime-only people, just leave right now. So lets begin!

History of One For All & All For One Explained - BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA CHAPTER 287
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Nama Shimura had a brief interaction with Shigaraki and his body failed him to the point of retreating. The chapter starts off with a full page spread of Nana Shimura standing tall next to Deku, thinking about how crazy it is that she is meeting All For One again. Deku looking at her and thinking that she is Nana Shimura. But remember guys this is the first time Deku is seeing Nana he has heard a lot about her from All Might and Gran Torino. Deku is also in disbelief that he is inside the One For All realm and Worries about Bakugo as the last time Deku saw him he was about to be sent into flames.

We then cut into the perspective of all for one where he starts thinking mad things about Nana. All for one even gives his personal experience saying that something happens to him before where he would even have dreams about the holders of the quirks he stole whenever this happens he felt disheartened and was left a similar feeling of guilt. Although he believes in saving the world as back in ch 194 when we saw the first user’s flashback all for one started taking people’s quirks away as a good deed because some people have quirks which were hurting them in their daily lives, But everything involving power he was corrupter by it. He further elaborates saying how a piece of the quirk holder is trapped within the quirk itself and its realm. Before this, he thought that being able to converse with the ghosts of the quirks was only exclusive to him but after meeting with the doctor everything started making sense. The soul is attached to the quirk, All for one even shows regret putting his little brother in this cage for eternity. All of this highlights the parallels b/w one of all and all for one. People that possess these quirks are able to pass their souls in this realm and interact with the next user possessing them.

As all for one is taking about memories Shigaraki is thinking of his grandma back in the time when he found the photograph of his father and Nana Shimura. He then asks why are you here as he recalls the mental evolution he went through that took place during his transformation with the image of his family’s hands all around him, thinking how it was all their fault that Shigaraki went this path in life and at the hand on top of everyone is Nana. He blames her the most for all the sufferings he had to endure. He even says it himself in the next panel don’t worry grandmother I blame you too. If we go back to ch 236 there we saw Shigaraki’s flashback the reason he was so sad because his father hates heroes and this was due to Nana’s neglect over her son and family. She abandoned her own son regardless of her reasons to Shigaraki’s father heroes were the cause of his pain so when Shigaraki wanted to become a hero himself his father couldn’t control his rage. Thus causing his abuse as a child and to top this off the incident which caused Shigaraki to go over the edge was his looking at his grandmothers’ picture.

Shigaraki’s will to take over one for all is then manifested into a visual representation of his decaying the realm. Nana defends the attack. But as Shigaraki tries to erode the realm of one for all his decay stops and doesn’t reach Nana and Deku. This is where we finally see the first user of One For All. The younger brother of All for One and he continues with his statement telling Shigaraki that his resentment ain’t enough to challenge his younger brother’s stubbornness with that his brother slaps back at all for one telling him manipulating little boys. All for one then responds back to his younger brother telling him how it will save everyone’s time if you would just hand over the power of one for all to him already. With that, the first user goes full throttle pushing his own back towards all for one and shigaraki.

Now the resistance from the first one for all users along and Nana, Shigaraki notices this pressure realizing the insane power of One For All that even his master couldn’t control for himself. The very reason overwhelm wasn’t able to steal one for all before he wasn’t strong enough hence the need for Shigaraki and his experiment. All for one continues says Deku is very weak and he can’t even save his own friends. His brother says giving Deku One for all wasn’t a mistake and what makes Deku special is that he never fights for his own personal gains. He then says One for All isn’t going anywhere. Everything scatters outwards and we see 6 lights behind Deku.

A massive explosion happens and Deku and Shigaraki get out of that realm. Deku realizes that he hasn’t lost his power but he is in no condition to fight anymore. On another side, we see All for one telling Shigaraki to retreat as his body and quirk are not at full power and nor fully stable. In the last few panels of the chapter, we see Dabi and others are on their way to Shigaraki. The chapter then ends at the panel we see Ochaco Uraraka.

Let me know your thoughts on Boku No hero Academia Ch 287 in the comment section. Who is your favorte charcater in Boku No Hero Acdemia?


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