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Horror Suspense Manga by Arata Miyatsuki and Kentarō Satō

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2023)

In the latest 16th release of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine this year, a revelation surfaced on Thursday. The upcoming issue, set for August 25, will mark the launch of a new horror suspense manga titled “Bokura no Natsu ga Saketeiku” (Our Summer was Torn Apart).

Arata Miyatsuki, known for “Impossibility Defense,” is crafting the story, while Kentarō Satō, recognized for “Magical Girl Site,” is taking up the artistic mantle.

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Kentarō Satō, acclaimed for “Magical Girl Apocalypse,” commenced the horror manga “Magical Girl Site” (depicted in the image on the right) on the Champion Tap! manga platform in July 2013.

The series transitioned to Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine in September 2017, concluding in 2019 after 16 volumes. The English version of the manga was released by Seven Seas Entertainment. The manga’s unsettling narrative also gave rise to an anime series, which streamed on Amazon Prime Video internationally, airing from April to June 2018.

More recently, Satō unveiled the “Fushi to Batsu” (Immortality and Punishment) manga in Akita Shoten’s Bessatsu Shōnen Champion magazine in November 2021. The manga’s fourth compiled volume arrived on July 6 under Akita Shoten’s publication.

Turning to Arata Miyatsuki, in collaboration with Ochau, they brought “Castration: Rebirth” (Kyosei Tensei) manga to readers, which reached its conclusion on January 27. The manga originated in Hakusensha’s Young Animal Zero magazine in September 2019, later migrating to Young Animal in February 2020. Over time, Hakusensha released the manga’s third compiled volume in physical form in June 2021. Subsequently, the fourth and fifth volumes saw digital publication in February 2022 and October 2022, respectively. The series culminated with the digital launch of its sixth and final volume on April 28.

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Miyatsuki and Yūya Kanzaki embarked on the “Funōhan” (Impossibility Defense) manga journey within Shueisha’s Grand Jump magazine in 2013. Their collaborative effort spanned until November 2020, gaining significant acclaim. Notably, this manga translated into a live-action film adaptation in February 2018, alongside a mini-series adaptation consisting of four episodes, premiering on dTV in December 2017.


Source | Young Animal issue 16

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