How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer Gets Anime Adaptation

Nana Aokawa’s “How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer” (Gо̄kon ni Ittara Onna ga Inakatta Hanashi) manga is gearing up for an exciting transition to television anime.

The latest news brings with it the unveiling of a brand-new official website and Twitter account on Tuesday. These platforms have released an enticing trailer and captivating visual that are sure to pique fans’ interest.

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In addition to this thrilling announcement, Aokawa has generously shared some delightful illustrations to mark this special occasion.

The series has been officially licensed by Square Enix Manga and is available for readers on Manga UP!. The story follows Tokiwa, a college student, who receives an unexpected invitation to a mixer from his female classmate, Suo.


To his surprise, upon arriving with his friends, they are greeted not by women but by three strikingly handsome men! However, as the two groups begin to interact and get to know each other better, they find themselves forging unexpected bonds.

Aokawa introduced this manga to the world on pixiv in March 2020, and it later found its home on Square Enix’s manga platform, Gangan Online, in February 2021.

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Fans can also look forward to the release of the manga’s fifth compiled volume in Japan on April 12, with the sixth volume set to arrive on October 12.


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