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How Many Episodes The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Will Have?

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2023)

Exciting news for fans of “The Rising of the Shield Hero”! The highly anticipated Season 3 has been officially confirmed to consist of 12 thrilling episodes. The anime’s official website recently unveiled key details, including insights into the Blu-ray releases. Season 3 will be divided into three volumes, each containing four action-packed episodes. This ensures fans will be treated to an engaging storyline spread across the entirety of the season.

How Many Episodes The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Will Have?

Mark your calendars, as the release dates for these Blu-ray volumes are set to kick off in January 2024 with the first volume. The second installment will follow in February 2024, with the third and final volume slated for release in March 2024. This staggered release pattern promises to keep the excitement alive throughout the early months of the new year.

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“The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 3 is scheduled to be part of the highly anticipated Fall 2023 season, and viewers in Japan can catch the first episode on October 6. Spearheading this latest season is director Hitoshi Haga, while the animation prowess comes courtesy of Kinema Citrus, ensuring fans can expect nothing short of top-tier visuals and storytelling.

The upcoming season promises to delve deeper into the journey of protagonist Naofumi Iwatani, known as the Shield Hero. This time, Naofumi embarks on a mission to track down the members of Lurolona Village. His quest is driven by the imminent revival of the Phoenix, one of the formidable Four Guardian Beasts, by the demi-humans.

With a compelling narrative and a promise of high-quality animation, “The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 3 is poised to captivate fans and newcomers alike with its enthralling tale of heroism and adventure. Stay tuned for an action-packed season ahead!


Source: IGN India

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