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How Many Seasons of Demon Slayer Will There Be?

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2023)

As Demon Slayer reaches the conclusion of the Swordsmith Village arc, fans are aware that the series is entering its final stages. With the manga already concluded in May 2020, fans have been speculating about the number of seasons the anime will have. Currently, three seasons have covered the story arcs leading up to the Swordsmith Village arc, and based on the remaining chapters, it is speculated that Demon Slayer may have a total of five seasons.

The manga has two story arcs remaining: the Hashira Training arc and the Final Battle arc, which consists of the Infinity Castle arc and the Sunrise Countdown arc. These three arcs encompass a total of 77 chapters, with the upcoming arc likely not being part of season 3.

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Considering the pacing of previous seasons, it is expected that the Hashira Training arc will be relatively short, with around 3 to 5 episodes. The Infinity Castle arc, with 47 chapters, could span approximately 22 to 23 episodes. If these two arcs are combined, it matches the episode count of the first season, which had 26 episodes.

It is worth mentioning that the fourth season could focus solely on the fight against the three strongest Upper Moon demons: Kokushibo, Doma, and Akaza. Leaving the confrontation with the main antagonist, Muzan, for a later season could create a significant cliffhanger and build anticipation for the final season.

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The Sunrise Countdown arc, featuring the battle against Muzan, may be a separate season, similar in length to season 3. Lastly, the final story arc, consisting of 22 chapters, would provide enough content for an entire season, showcasing the Demon Slayer Corps’ ultimate efforts to defeat the Demon King.


While this speculation points to a total of five seasons, it’s important to await official confirmation and approach the information with caution. As the story of Demon Slayer enters its climactic phases, fans can eagerly anticipate the upcoming seasons, which promise intense battles and significant character development.

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