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Hunter x Hunter Manga is Coming Back with 4 New Chapters

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2022)

Yoshihiro Togashi is a manga artist who is the author of “HUNTER x HUNTER”. Currently, it is serialized irregularly in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Although it has been suspended since its publication in 2018, many fans are looking forward to its resumption, and its deep-rooted popularity will not decline.

Meanwhile, yesterday, a Twitter account named Mr. Togashi was opened. The first post is a photo of the manuscript paper with the words “4 more episodes for the time being.”

It has become a big topic, such as the fact that Mr. Togashi’s name has entered the trend. Many fans who saw the tweet were confused but couldn’t hide their expectations, saying, “I want you to be genuine!” And “It would be bad if you were really Mr. Togashi.”

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There was no post after that, and when the follow-up report was waiting, a post was posted by an unexpected person! Yusuke Murata, who is in charge of drawing “Eyeshield 21” and “One Punch Man,” tweeted on Twitter, “I was with you.”

The people who were watching over the account with half-belief were also joyful and thankful to Dr. Murata for this post. Until the truth was revealed, some fans were wondering if it was this year’s hunter test to judge whether the account was genuine.

Words such as “Resume serialization” and “4 more episodes” have also entered the trend, and we can see the high expectations for the resumption of serialization of “HUNTER x HUNTER”.

Togashi-sensei’s account has already exceeded 900,000 followers! Check if there is any notice of resumption of serialization and what kind of tweets Mr. Togashi will post in the future!


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