Idea Factory International Drops Sympathy Kiss Game Trailer

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2023)

Idea Factory International unveiled the captivating opening movie trailer for its upcoming romance game, Sympathy Kiss, on Wednesday. Scheduled for release in early 2024, the game will be available both physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe.

The game’s premise revolves around Akari Amasawa, who embarked on her journey as a designer at Estario, a renowned mobile app developer, a year ago. While Akari doesn’t despise her job, she yearns for a deeper passion. Her life takes a significant turn after her annual performance evaluation, as she receives a compelling opportunity to join the Estarci team.

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The voice cast is:

  • Yūya Uchida as Shuya Usui
  • Yuichiro Umehara as Kohei Minato
  • Gakuto Kajiwara as Mitsuki Saotome
  • Seiichirō Yamashita Rokuro Yoshioka
  • KENN as Nori Tainaka
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Yoji Kobase

Estarci, the company’s flagship news app, initially made waves upon its launch but has since fallen behind competing apps, some even developed by Estario itself. Facing the threat of imminent closure, management grants Estarci one final chance at redemption. Akari and her new colleagues must unite their efforts to rescue the app from its impending demise.

Amidst the corporate challenges and pressures, Sympathy Kiss explores the intricate balance between business and pleasure, immersing players in a thrilling narrative of office romance and a slice-of-life drama. Will Akari discover true love? Will she unearth her life’s true purpose? And could her newfound opportunity be a ploy to part ways with her? The answers await in this compelling tale.

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The game was initially launched by Otomate in November 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


Sources | Press release, Sympathy Kiss’ website

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