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Importance Of Music In Anime

Hey, guys welcome back to I have a question for you – What is the key difference between a manga and an anime? Think and let me know in the comment section. Today we are going to talk about every aspect of music in an anime. How music is an integral part of any anime. Anime is incomplete without a theme song or anime opening/ending. It is a fact, but nobody talks that much about the impact of music have on any anime. Yes, people talk about the anime openings they like, But the music doesn’t get as much credit that it deserves.

History of Anime Music

Anisong, or anime music, is a musical genre in its own right, which appeared alongside the television anime series. The first song designed for animation work was created in 1963 for the Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy) anime. At the time, most of the anime’s openings and endings were sung by children’s choirs or sometimes by one of the show’s main voice actors.

It wasn’t until the early 70s that singers specializing in anime songs appeared. One of the first singers was Mitsuko HORIE, who sang the second opening of Kurenai Sanshirô (Judo Boy). Shortly after her, the main voices of Japanese animation appeared with Isao SASAKI (Yamato, Grendizer) or Ichirô MIZUKI (Captain Harlock, Mazinger Z). The opening and ending songs are featured throughout the series, which caused the producers to take great care of them.

This trend recedes with City Hunter in 1987 and to this day, as songs not related to the anime in which they appear are chosen as openings and endings. (Source –

The Evolution of Anime through Openings (1963 - 2016)
The Evolution of Anime through Openings (1963 – 2016)

Impact of Anime Music

We take it for granted but the impact of music on the anime industry is huge. No anime is complete with an iconic intro or theme song. For fans that song becomes the symbol of that anime, people start to recognize the song, not with the creator/singer but the anime and vice versa. Music is like a crayon that fills every scene with colors of emotions. It doesn’t mean that you cannot know what is going on in a scene without music. But the reality is that you cannot connect with the feelings (emotions) of a character.

Imagine Natsu fighting the villain without the iconic FAIRY TAIL theme. Whenever I hear it my heart just fills with the emotions of the family, like every other member of fairy tail. This is my example for every one of you reading this will surely have an anime song that you fully tune with.

Some time this music just tells more than the scene of any anime. This music tells the courage of protagonist and also the love of 2 individuals, it tells the feeling of loss of any loved one and also tells the fire to achieve something, this music tells the pureness of hearts and also the madness of some minds, this music tells about the friendships and happiness of friends together and it also tells the journey of a character.

I personally cannot imagine any awesome fight scene without any awesome background music.

Manga & Anime Diffrence

I asked you guys a question at the starting of this article that – What is the key difference b/w a manga and an anime?

According to me the key difference b/w them is MUSIC. People will say its animation or color or even scenes, but according to me, the key difference is the presence and absence of music. For me, a manga panel and anime scene are the same if it doesn’t have any music. I personally prefer manga over anime but this discussion is for some other day. The main reason hardcore anime fans hesitate to read manga is the absences of audio, this is in their subconscious mind, they cannot make up their mind about this.

There you have it, folks, my reason why music is an important part of any anime. These are my views you can totally disagree with them. The comment section is open let me know your thoughts. Which is your favorite anime opening? tell me in comments, mine is – Bleach – Asterisk.


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  1. the article is good keep it up…
    my fav anime song is “THE KISS OF DEATH” from DARLING IN THE FRANXX

    1. Thanks, and yes the kiss of death is also a great song.

  2. I would say AUDIO along with Voice Over Actors and Sound Design is also a important part of anime without Sound Design a fight scene is empty
    Nice work tho

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