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India’s First Anime KARMACHAKRA About To Release

On 4th July the creators of India’s First Anime KARMACHAKRA uploaded a video for Indian Anime Fans. They told that the 80 minute of the movie is completed by Studio Durga team. But because of this COVID 19 situation in India all movie theators and multiplexes are closed.

They Are talks with few streaming platforms. They thanked Indian Anime Community.

Regarding to release they said.

Hey everyone hope you all are well. Thank you so much for suppoerting KARMACHAKRA and believing in Studio Durga. We are truly happy and excited for Indian Anime to happen. And you have really helped us in bringing it weather its trailer or Pilot episode. But now the time has come for the final release……
……….you just have to click the link in the description and cast your vote.

link to cast vote – Click

Already 13,000 people has casted the vote. But need more to show the audience to the streaming services. Link is under Image provided.

Watch this video for more clearity.

MAKE INDIAN ANIME HAPPEN | Message from Studio Durga


The story of an orphan girl trying to find her roots, revolving around mysteries about her past and present. A mystery drama set in a fictional present-day India that draws inspiration from psychology, mythology, and cybertechnology. Starring: Swastika Mukherjee, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Mir Afsar Ali, Parno Mittra, Swaroopa Ghosh, Tanusree Shankar, Santu Mukherjee, Anik Dutta, Alaknanda Roy, Shantilal Mukherjee, Barun Chanda, Shamik Sinha Director: Rajorshi Basu.

KARMACHAKRA : Episode Zero | Indian Anime Movie | Official Trailer 1 | Studio Durga

Studio Durga

We are the first Indian animation studio that creates anime, or 2D hand-drawn animation in the art-style of Japanese manga comics, wholly independent of foreign collaboration. We believe in telling powerful stories through the medium of animation, and design original entertainment that can be enjoyed by teens and young adults. Owing to an ever-growing passion for anime and manga among Indian youth, Karmachakra, an original story set in India and animated in the style of anime was conceived of in 2016, which led to the formation of Studio Durga in 2017.

​If you’ve already watched our trailer, watch the pilot for our upcoming movie below, which has won the Platinum Award for Best Animation Short at Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles 2020, and received Honourable Mentions for Best Webseries/TV Pilot & Best Original Score!

Source – Studio Durga (Website, YouTube Channel)


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