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Indusverse – Indian Graphic Novels With Original Indian Stories

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2021)

Comics or Manga say whatever you want to say. Pages with awesome imagination that introduces you to a whole new world. When we talk about comics Marvel & Dc comes into our mind, when we say manga Japanese story comes into our mind. Why Indian graphic novels don’t have that level of influence. In India, we have a few like Doga, Nagraj, and Dhruv, but they don’t have that profound impact on the audiences. But one Comic-book company is reintroducing some new Indian stories to Indian audiences.

Indusverse Pvt. Ltd is a whole new Indian comic book company Co-founded by Arunabh Kumar who is also well known as the founder of TVF. They intend to empower artists and writers from India to tell stories that will showcase Indian culture and history to the whole world and also transcend across media.

To know more you can watch this video by YouTube Channel FMF.

Indusverse is a premium graphic novel brand aimed at telling spectacular stories of new-age heroes for the new-age audiences, Indian as well as around the world. Staying true to its Indian origin, the company aims to create stories and artwork at par with its international counterparts, from the great narrative canvas that the Indian subcontinent has been since the inception of the Indus Valley Civilization to the present time which is witnessing the peak of the Third Industrial Revolution.

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Indusverse - Indian Graphic Novels With Original Indian Stories

Created by Arunabh Kumar (Creator – TVF Pitchers) and Lianne Texeira Singh, and illustrated beautifully by multiple award-winning artist Rajesh Nagulakonda, #TheBeginning is the story of Simone, a reluctant Instagram Influencer from Goa who goes through a life-changing experience on her 21st birthday and becomes a reluctant superhero. A contemporary story set in Goa, laced with humor and tons of relevant issues #TheBeginning also marks the beginning of Indusverse, a universe of relatable, relevant Superheroes from India. Besides being a crazy adventure, #TheBeginning is also a story that talks about the environment and how we are destroying it.

Created by Arunabh Kumar (Creator- TVF Pitchers), drawn by Hemant Kumar (Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga), and inked by Jagdish Kumar (G.I. Joe, Deadshot, IDW, Raj Comics), Outrage is the story of Satya, a small-town millennial from Noida. A failed YouTuber, Satya is making the ends meet by making fake news videos for his employer until one fateful day everything changes for him, its a rebirth of sorts for Satya, will he be able to deal with his past and how he creates his future with his newfound powers, find out in this page-turner by Indusverse.

Created by Alok Sharma (Astra Force, Roll No.21, Doga), illustrated by fan-favorite Saumin Patel (Bahubali, Andhadhun, Panipat, Agent Vinod, Mumbai McGuffin), Stunt is a fast-paced caper about Samir, a college student who’s lost his Stuntman father on the sets of a Bollywood movie. Dealing with loss, heartache, college crush, and therapy sessions, Samir is going to stumble upon a secret that’s brewing for over a millennium. Chases, action, fun, romance and loaded with humor, Stunt is a coming of age superhero origin story for today’s readers, and with enough easter eggs and twists for the lovers of classic comics.

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