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Invincible Season 2 Predictions, Theories & Release Date

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2021)

The latest animated show Invincible by Amazon Prime Video has completed its season 1. Fans got official confirmation for season 2 and a probable season 3 on the official Twitter handle of the Invincible show. These continuation confirmations indicated the success of season 1 &how confident creators are in their show.

Invincible season 2 release date: When will it air?

We are going to talk about the possible release date for the 2nd season of Invincible and a few predictions and theories regarding what we can possibly see in it.

Invincible creators are keeping quiet for now, but we expect new episodes will probably air in the first half of the next year 2022. As this show is animated, Invincible won’t suffer from the same kind of production delays that hit most of the TV industry in 2020 and 2021. (Spoilers Ahead!!!!)

Invincible season 2 story prediction theory?

The first thing let’s talk about this tease is the alien invaders who’ve shown up throughout the series. when we last saw them Nolan had entered their dimension and he was destroying everything in sight. In the comics, we discovered that they are very much terrified of him and since his attack, they’ve attempted to rebuild their world.

Guessing that the next spot of the invasion will be what we open season 2 within the comics the majority of the arc that we have just followed took place over issues 1-13. The first year of the series culminated with the fight between Nolan and mark which is how the show of course ends. Year 2 starts in issue 14 and the story picks up with invincible fighting alongside the guardians of the globe tackling the very forces that we see here now the battle doesn’t last too long.

It’s actually in this in the comics that the team discovers that by destroying the wrist straps and the aliens that they will rapidly age. The show changes things up to include this reveal earlier on in the season so guessing that we will likely pick up with one of the later invasions rather than having things just continue to play out how they were.

They also stab a screen with earth and Nolan’s face on it so it’s likely that they’re coming back to get revenge now if Mark doesn’t have enough trouble on his hands with them the vulture mites and more trying to invade we’ve also got another invasion on top of that.

The Sequid Invasion

Invincible Season 2 Predictions, Theories & Release Date
The Sequid Invasion | Invincible

The Sequids are still out in the galaxy and after humanity traveled to the planet they managed to take over an astronaut called Russ Livingston. In the series, we discovered that a native of mars had shape-shifted into him and in the comics, he becomes a superhero called Shapesmith. Who’s basically a cross between plastic man and martian manhunter. In issue 38 he ends up teaming up with the guardians of the globe and in 39 he divulges the history of the sequids.

Through him, we discovered that they came to mars in a damaged spaceship centuries ago. Strange warriors emerged from this craft and waged war on the planet it was only upon defeating these creatures that the Martians realized it was actually the sacred parasites all along.

Because of their shape-shifting abilities, the Segwits were unable to attach to the Martians however the Martians found a use for them and because they operated with a hive mind they were used to carry out slave labor. Over the years the Martians experimented on the creatures and genetically modified them to be stronger and faster. However, they started to think that the martian government had lied about their origins and that they were actually good creatures that had been turned into prisoners.

An uprising on mars started and these rebels wished to gain a life form that the Sequids could bond with in order to free them. However, everyone that came to the planet was immediately executed thus shaped smith who was part of this rebellion took on the appearance of Russ and the rebels managed to stick a Sequid on him. Things didn’t go to plan and the Sequids of course took over the planet. Because they were unable to attach to the Martians they instead enslaved them and in the comics, we watch as they travel to earth in order to take over the planet. The guardians that are strong enough not to be taken over by the Sequids travel into space in order to stop them and they manage to.

Unfortunately whilst they’re in space the lizard league attack and the other guardians have to take them on but they’re severely outmatched there’s actually a lot of big deaths during this that I won’t spoil here but expect to see some of your favorites taken out next time now.

Doc Seismic Theory

Invincible Season 2 Predictions, Theories & Release Date
Doc Seismic | Invincible

In flashes, we can also catch Dr. Seismic who is still alive. In a special one-off story called the pact we discover that he’s been lying low in the earth’s core. Under the surface, he’s now worshipped as a god by the creatures that lived there which are called the magma knights.

Mark goes down and dukes it out with him but there’s a big twist when doc reveals that he’s actually happy that he fell into the lava. Seismic sees himself as being over the hill someone who never made it to be a big bad in his lifetime and he knows that mark views him as one of his lowly villains. however, in this domain, he’s worshipped as a god and he quite enjoys living there Mark seems like he’s happy for him. But he responds with an invincible punch and knocks him out.

Titan Prediction

Invincible Season 2 Predictions, Theories & Release Date
Titan | Invincible

Elsewhere in the clips we also catch Titan who is now fully set up as a crime boss. Mark of course helped him to achieve this position and it’s obvious that the two will be coming face to face down the line. During the clip flashes in the episode, we do catch Mr. Liu entering his office and we discover in the comics that there’s actually a gang war going on between him and titan.

Liu heads up a group known as the Order and they’ve been vying for control of crime across the country. Invincible ends up defeating Liu in the comics much like how he did titan.

DA Sinclair And Cecil’s Plan

Invincible Season 2 Predictions, Theories & Release Date

You also catch DA Sinclair in the finale working on new and improved robot men. Cecil looks over this and though there are several possibilities that the plot could go off. In the comics, Cecil becomes annoyed with Mark after he starts doing his own thing. He very much wants to keep him under control and work for him but mark constantly takes matters into his own hands.

Cecil is someone who always has a contingency plan and after studying mark during the fight with his father, he discovers that Viltrumites have a weakness. they can be hurt by a high-frequency
sound and Cecil unleashes this a mark before he gets the robot men to attack him. Cecil believes that mark has gone rogue and not wanting a repeat of what happened with his father he tries to take him out.

Battle Beast Future

We also catch the battle beast who’s out in space doing what he does best and just killing people. When we last saw him he was leaving earth after mopping the floor with the guardians because the guy is an absolute badass and in the comics, we learned that after he left earth he was captured and imprisoned.

Allen the alien freed him. He did however join the forces of the coalition a group that Allen is a member of who were attempting to take the Viltrumites down. Battle beast denied throughout that he was actually helping the coalition though because the guy is such a badass. He also goes head-to-head with the leader
of the Viltrumites at one point who we discover is called Thragg. He likely going to become the big bad in the show.

Rest of the predictions you can watch in this video above which is also the main reference material to this article. The video is made by Heavy Spoilers YouTube channel do check it out.

Also, let us know your thoughts in the comment section about Invincible Season 2 Predictions. If have any theory of your own about Invincible Season 2 also share with us in the comment section.


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