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Is Dabi Endeavor’s Son – Brother of Todoroki ?

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2020)

It’s a very favorite fan theory of My Hero Academia that Dabi is elder son of Hero Endeavor named Touya Todoroki. So we at Anime India decided to collect facts and prove that Dabi is Touya Todoroki elder son of Endeavor. Then let’s begin.

After My Hero Academia first premiered it make everyone fans of Shoto Todoroki after the school sports festival arc. This dark back story made him more interesting. He is son of fire Hero Endeavor number second after All might. In order to defeat all might he trained his son insanely hard. He had very rude attitude to wards his children, resulting children to hate him. Same for his elder son Touya Todoroki.

Is Dabi Endeavor's Son - Brother of Todoroki ?

1. Fire Quirk

In anime as well as manga we have already see that quirks depends heavily on the genetics of the parents and most of time inherited from parents to children. Dabi Endeavor and Todoroki all have the same fire quirk with variations.

Endeavor has full fledge fire quirk with yellow flame. Dabi also have same quirk but he can use it on very high scale and with far more temperature turning the flames blue in color. Endeavor has also confirmed that Touya had far more power that him and according to simile science blue flame is more dangerous than yellow.

2. Eyes, Skin and Scares

All 3 of them somehow have almost similar eyes and Todoroki’s and Dabi’s eye colour matches.Todoroki has weak skin inherited from his mother as well as the ice quirk. But it might that Dabi didn’t get the ice quirk but inherited the weak skin from mother.

And we can see that were endeavor has flames coming out Dabi has scars of burning. Leading to reason that he has weak skin. Second that for same reason he has to staple his skin from burnt area.

3. Hear Style

Next when we see the pictures of young Endeavor we can see that he has the exact same hair style to that of Dabi.

In anime most same hair style people are not siblings , but there are chances of that.

4. Turning to Darkside

Next leading theory is why Touya left the home and joined the villains with name Dabi.

Related reason that endeavor wanted his successor to have a hybrid quirk of his wife with his own which Todoroki was born with. So Endeavor gave more focus on the him. Which gave Touya a chance to flew from his father’s harsh and insane training. Then villains found changing his thinking towards the world. And leading him to join the villains and changing name to Dabi .

Filling Holes In Our Theory

The first of all how the hell Todoroki and Endeavor will not recognize Dabi as Touya Todoroki. It’s quite simple as Todoroki was very young when his father took him to train separately. For him the memories of his brother will be blurred.

For Endeavor had also saw him when he was young. More over after having whole face and body full of scare it will be difficult for any father to recognize his son after a very long time.

So you think about this theory, let me know in the comment section. For more such theories stay tuned to anime india…..

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