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“Isekai Editor” Volume 1 Released: A Tale of Creating Manga in a World Where No One Knows Manga

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2023)

The first volume of “Isekai Henshuusha – Manga de Sekai wo Sukuu Koto ni narimashita” (Isekai Editor – I Ended Up Saving the World with Manga), a series created by Sohee Inaba and illustrated by Ryu Horie, was released today, June 19th. The story revolves around an editor who creates manga in a world where no one knows about manga.

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“Isekai Editor” begins with the unremarkable manga editor, Hiroki Ichinose, who, while holding the manuscript of the first episode of a new series due for submission, is suddenly summoned to another world. As he realizes he won’t be able to meet his submission deadline, the summoner, Laila, informs him, “You can’t return to your original world. From today, this is your world… the world you will save!” However, it turns out that Ichinose doesn’t possess any exceptional status or special skills. Just when he is about to be deemed useless, the people of the court show interest in manga…

Subsequently, Ichinose, who becomes a “court manga editor,” starts creating manga with the girls of the other world. The series is currently being serialized in Isekai Yanjan on Nico Nico Seiga and Tonari no Young Jump. To celebrate the release, Melon Books and COMIC ZIN are offering illustration cards as gifts. Check the respective stores for details on how to get them.


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