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Isekai Series ‘Magic Artisan Dahlia’ Gets Greenlit for TV Anime

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2023)

During a captivating live-streamed 10th-anniversary event by MF Books, a thrilling announcement emerged last Sunday. It was revealed that the enchanting novel series “Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start With Magical Tools” (known as “Madо̄gushi Dahlia wa Utsumukanai” or “Magic Artisan Dahlia Wilts No More”), crafted by the talented Hisaya Amagishi, is set to inspire an upcoming television anime adaptation.

The novel series, skillfully brought to English readers by J-Novel Club, weaves a compelling narrative. Dahlia, having met an unfortunate end due to overwork in Japan, finds herself reborn in a realm brimming with magic. Guided under the wing of a master in magical toolmaking, her passion for this art flourishes. Soon, she becomes betrothed to her father’s apprentice.

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Tragedy strikes when her father passes away suddenly, and on the eve of her wedding, her fiancé confesses his love for another, shattering her heart. This pivotal moment leads Dahlia to a profound realization – the need to reclaim her autonomy and live life on her terms.

Magic Artisan Dahlia' Gets Greenlit for TV Anime

A commitment blooms within her to embrace her craft and forge her own path, even if it veers from the tranquility she initially sought. From fateful encounters with knights to venturing into entrepreneurship, Dahlia confronts an array of challenges. No longer a timid figure, she metamorphoses into the resolute Dahlia, ready to flourish.

Originating on the Shōsetsu ni Narō website in April 2018, Amagishi’s tale gained momentum. Subsequently, Kadokawa and Frontier Works’ MF Books imprint undertook the task of publishing the series, graced with Kei’s illustrations, commencing in October of the same year. The series garnered considerable attention, culminating in the eighth volume’s release in June 2022.

Further extending the enchantment, a manga adaptation by Megumi Sumikawa and KEI debuted on Mag Garden’s Mag Comi website in April 2019. The fifth compiled volume of this manga hit shelves in September 2022, with Seven Seas assuming the responsibility of its English publication.

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In this symphony of creativity, “Dahlia in Bloom” transcends its origins, flourishing as an inspiring narrative journey that captivates readers and viewers alike.


Source | Comic Natalie

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