Japanese Artist’s Work Stolen and Altered by AI, Faces Threats

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2023)

In recent events emerging from the Kansai region of Japan, an anonymous artist found herself at the center of a controversy surrounding AI-generated artwork. The artist’s original creation, a manga-style illustration of a girl holding art tools with a phone displaying the letters AI crossed out, carried a powerful message. In a note accompanying the artwork, she proclaimed, “Art is about expressing your feelings and what you want to say. AI isn’t art; it’s just hashing other people’s work.”

Japanese Artist’s Work Stolen and Altered by AI, Faces Threats

However, her stance against AI in art quickly drew unwanted attention. Someone took her work and subjected it to an AI program, altering the image and stripping it of its original message and artistic elements. This modified version was then posted on a blog that asserted the AI-enhanced version was superior, claiming it would sell better.

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Efforts to have the modified image removed were met with resistance, as the blog argued that their actions fell within the realm of freedom of expression. This sparked a contentious back-and-forth between the artist and the blog, leaving her feeling as though her years of artistic skill had been trampled upon by AI and those who embraced it.

Unfortunately, the controversy did not end there. A new blog emerged, recycling the artist’s work and doing the same to other artists who shared her stance against AI-generated art. This act of digital appropriation escalated as the anonymous blogger taunted those who protested, stating, “I’m going to take everything you lot have. If you don’t like it, quit the internet.”

This incident sheds light on the complex interplay between traditional artistry and AI-generated creativity, sparking a debate that continues to evolve in an era where technology increasingly influences the artistic landscape.


Source: IGN India

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