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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Become the Most-Watched Show on Netflix (Japan and US)

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2021)

On December 1, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure released its Stone Ocean series on Netflix. There only the first 12 episodes were launched but still, it became the most-watched show on Netflix Japan. Furthermore, The whole series on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is trending all over the world in quite a short amount of time.  Also, it is ranking #6 in the US.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Become the Most-Watched Show on Netflix (Japan and US)

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The official Twitter account tweeted about their achievement and wrote something like “the entire show (not just Part 6) was in first place on Japanese Netflix.” Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean was first released on Netflix with its 12 episodes. However, it’s not published on popular streaming platforms and TV channels like Tokyo MX and MBS. The release date of Jojo’s Stone Ocean on TV is still not announced yet but it is set to release in January 2022. 

Furthermore, it is a great achievement for Jojo’s team because they are competing with too many popular series in Japan but are still able to get the first position. For example, the most popular K-Drama Squid Game, Red Notice, and evergreen One Piece. 


Source: Jojo’s Twitter Account via Anime News Network.

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