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Jujutsu Kaisen: Character Who Almost Beat Sakuna Exposed in Extra Pages!

In the latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans witnessed a staggering power surge in Sukuna, the formidable King of Curses. This resurgence of strength has seemingly rendered him unbeatable. However, intriguing details have emerged regarding a past confrontation that could have altered the course of events dramatically.

According to reliable sources, the upcoming Volume No. 24 of the manga will feature additional pages for select chapters. Notably, a page from Chapter 213 has garnered significant attention from enthusiasts. In this chapter, Sukuna had already seized control of Megumi’s body.

Upon witnessing this, Hana Kurusu, a young sorcerer hosting the ancient sorcerer Angel, sprang into action. Angel’s objective is to vanquish Sukuna, whom they refer to as the fallen one. This dynamic mirrors Yuji’s relationship with Sukuna, albeit with a more symbiotic nature.

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At this juncture, Sukuna had yet to unleash his full potential. Sensing an opportunity, Angel deployed their potent attack, “Jacob’s Ladder,” dealing a substantial blow to Sukuna. In a surprising turn, Sukuna resorted to cunning tactics, feigning Megumi’s resurgence and luring Hana into a trap. This ploy led to a grievous injury to Hana’s arm.

The extra pages in Volume 24 depict Sukuna in a state of agony and visible distress, a rare sight in the series. This raises the tantalizing possibility: could Hana have indeed prevailed over Sukuna in that critical moment?


These revelations hint at potential developments involving Angel and Hana in forthcoming chapters. As Sukuna reverts to his former formidable self and Gojo Satoru exits the scene, the remaining sorcerers may need to form an alliance to stand a chance against him. Additionally, fans may anticipate further insight into the Gojo vs. Sukuna showdown, a battle that concluded somewhat abruptly. With these intriguing additions, the narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen promises to take even more unexpected turns.

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