July 26 Marks Conclusion of Otaku x Gyaru Gurashi Manga

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2023)

In the upcoming July 26 issue of Kadokawa’s Shōnen Ace magazine, it was announced that Haruto Hino’s manga titled “An Otaku and a Thrifty Gyaru’s Life Together” will conclude, bringing an end to the series. This revelation was unveiled in the recently released August edition of the magazine.

The manga revolves around Yutaka Kongōji, the heir to a prosperous lineage. Enjoying a substantial allowance, he splurges most of it on merchandise featuring his beloved idol.

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Otaku x Gyaru

However, his existence takes a dramatic nosedive as his family enterprise collapses, compelling him to relocate to a dilapidated apartment. It is during this predicament that he crosses paths with Rino Hinata, a renowned yet incredibly frugal classmate. In a bid to cut expenses, she suggests they share living quarters.

Hino debuted the manga in Shōnen Ace during August 2021. The manga’s second collected volume was released by Kadokawa in November 2022.

Hino and Kenji Saitō concluded their manga, “Samayoeru Tensei-sha-tachi no Revival Game” (The Revival Game of the Wondering Reincarnated Ones), in July 2021. The collaborative work by Saito and Hino made its debut in Kadokawa’s Dragon Age magazine in April 2019.

Hino introduced the manga “Takunomi.” on Shogakukan’s Manga ONE app in August 2015, concluding the series in June 2018. This manga served as the inspiration for a 12-episode TV anime adaptation that debuted in January 2018. Sentai Filmworks acquired the license for the anime and made it available for streaming on HIDIVE.


Source | Shōnen Ace August issue

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