Kadokawa Launches Manga and Anime Academies for Future Voice Actors!

Get ready, anime and manga fans! Two new schools are about to open their doors in Tokyo and Osaka, and they’re not your typical academic institutions. These are the Kadokawa Manga Academy and the Kadokawa Anime and Voice Acting Academy, and they’re set to become the premier training grounds for future talents in Japan’s thriving creative industries.

The schools are the brainchild of Vantan, an educational institution under the Kadokawa Group that specializes in developing programs for the creative sectors. The Manga Academy will offer three- and four-year specialization courses for students aged 18 and above, while the Anime and Voice Acting Academy will provide two- and three-year courses in the same age bracket. There’s also a higher education course for younger students aged 15 to 18, making the schools accessible to a wider range of aspiring artists and creators.

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So what makes these schools stand out? For starters, they’re tailor-made for the needs of the anime and manga industries, which have been experiencing unprecedented growth in recent years. Both schools will focus on the vertical-scrolling manga format, which has become hugely popular in Japan and beyond. As Shinichiro Inoue, Senior Advisor to Kadokawa and Honorary Academy Director of both schools, points out, “For a long time, Japanese manga was read in paper magazines and single issues, but recently the style of reading from smartphones via vertical scrolling has greatly expanded the market.”

But it’s not just about keeping up with the latest trends. The schools are also designed to foster a new generation of creative talent, who will be able to bring fresh ideas and approaches to the anime and manga industries. And with the guidance of experienced instructors and industry professionals, students will have the opportunity to hone their skills and develop their own unique styles and voices.

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Kadokawa President Takeshi Natsuno sees the schools as a crucial part of the company’s mission to develop both itself and the industry as a whole. “Kadokawa’s education business is one of the most important businesses for developing the company and the industry,” he says. “In the future society, young people who know what they are good at are in demand. Young people with their own ‘likes’ are very strong.”

So if you’re passionate about anime, manga, or voice acting, mark your calendars for April 2024 and get ready to take your skills to the next level. The Kadokawa Manga Academy and the Kadokawa Anime and Voice Acting Academy are waiting for you!


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