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Kaguya-sama: Love is War Anime Film’s Teaser Unveils December 17 Opening, Anime NYC Preview

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2022)

“Kaguya-sama wants to tell you – the first kiss never ends-” will be screened as a special screening before the TV broadcast as a story depicting the third season of the TV anime. The theatrical release date of the anime ” Kaguya-sama wants to tell you – The first kiss won’t end based on Aka Akasaka’s original is decided on December 17th. Key visuals and specials have been released.

The key visual with a large star in the background depicts Kaguya looking back at the moonlit night and Shirogane with a somewhat grim expression. The special bulletin contains a number of lines that predict the development of Kaguya and Shirogane’s romance. On November 5th, movie cards for “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you – the first kiss won’t end” will be on sale. 

You can choose one of the three types of multi-card cases that you can purchase as a bonus: “Kaguya Shinomiya”, “Chika Fujiwara”, and “Ai Hayasaka”. Furthermore, at the anime event “Anime NYC” to be held on November 20th in New York, USA, the premiere event of “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you -The first kiss never ends-” will be held. 

At the event, there will be a pre-screening of one episode of the TV series “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you – The first kiss is not over”, as well as a talk event with Aoi Koga, who plays Kaguya, and the producers. The talk event will be broadcast simultaneously worldwide.

Source: Comic Natalie via ANN


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