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Kaiju No. 8 Anime Streaming on Crunchyroll Including India in Spring 2024!

Crunchyroll has unveiled an exciting acquisition during the Crunchyroll Industry Panel at New York Comic Con 2023: the streaming rights for the highly anticipated Kaiju No.8 anime. Fans can look forward to experiencing the series exclusively on Crunchyroll in over 200 countries and territories, including India, when it is released in 2024. Moreover, Crunchyroll will simulcast each episode weekly in sync with its broadcast in Japan.

The creator of Kaiju No.8, Naoya Matsumoto, shared a special message with fans attending New York Comic-Con:

“Hello from Japan to everyone attending New York Comic-Con. I’m the author of Kaiju No. 8, Naoya Matsumoto. It’s a story about someone struggling in a harsh world without ever giving up, in the hopes of leading people into an even slightly brighter future. To anyone dealing with the complexities of reality that reads this manga, I hope it can help make your future a little brighter, too. Next year when Kaiju No. 8 begins to air in America and worldwide, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your reactions. I hope you’re looking forward to it, too!”

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The anime adaptation of Kaiju No.8 is being produced by Production I.G, with Studio Khara overseeing the kaiju designs and artworks. The cast includes Asami Seto as Mina Ashiro, Masaya Fukunishi as Kafka Hibino/Kaiju No. 8, and Wataru Katō as Reno Ichikawa.

The plot of Kaiju No.8 revolves around a world plagued by menacing creatures known as Kaiju. Kafka Hibino aspired to join the Japan Defense Force to combat them, making a promise to his childhood friend, Mina Ashiro. However, life circumstances led them down separate paths. Kafka eventually finds himself working for Monster Sweeper, Inc., a company specializing in cleaning up after Kaiju battles. When he encounters the determined Reno Ichikawa, Kafka’s dormant ambition to stand alongside Mina is reignited.

Kaiju No.8 is a manga series penned and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. Serialized for free on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ platform since July 2020, it has been well-received and boasts ten tankobon volumes as of August 2023. Fans around the world can now eagerly anticipate the anime adaptation, set to make its global debut on Crunchyroll in 2024.


Source: IGN India

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