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Kana Nakatsuki Launches New Manga, ‘After the Make-Up, After the Kiss’

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2023)

Kana Nakatsuki, renowned for “The Writer and His Housekeeper” manga, has released her latest creation, “Meiku Shite Kiss Shite, Sono Saki wa.” (After the Make-Up, After the Kiss). This new work made its first appearance in the 80th issue of the esteemed Kodansha’s Ane Friend digital manga magazine, gracing the cover with its debut.

The narrative of the new manga revolves around a brilliant young hair and make-up artist and captures the intricacies of a passionate love affair in a professional workspace. With an interesting and engaging premise, this new manga promises to continue the legacy of Nakatsuki’s storytelling prowess.

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Nakatsuki gained prominence when she introduced “The Writer and His Housekeeper” (Shōsetsuka-sama wa, Monmon Shitagaru) to Ane Friend in 2017. Her work was subsequently digitized by Kodansha in Japan, culminating in a 12-volume series by 2019. Furthermore, it was Kodansha USA Publishing that took the initiative to make the series available in English in October 2020, thereby bringing Nakatsuki’s work to a wider international audience.

For more details on “Meiku Shite Kiss Shite, Sono Saki wa.” (After the Make-Up, After the Kiss) and other works by Kana Nakatsuki, visit Ane Friend digital magazine’s website.


Source: Ane Friend digital magazine’s website

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