Kanako Momota & Kenjiro Tsuda Join Live-Action Trillion Game Series

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2023)

The team behind the live-action adaptation of Riichirou Inagaki and Ryoichi Ikegami’s manga, “Trillion Game,” unveiled exciting casting news. Kanako Momota, a member of the idol group Momoiro Clover Z, has been selected to portray the role of announcer Akari Shirotora, while Kenjiro Tsuda will take on the character of news producer Kunugi.

Their debut will be in the upcoming seventh episode on August 25, kicking off the Media Teikoku (Empire) arc.

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Idol group Snow Man’s Ren Meguro, situated in the visual’s left center, will embody the main character, Haru Tennōji. Opposite him, Hayato Sano, positioned on the right center, is set to play Manabu “Gaku” Taira. The previously announced cast features Kouji Kikkawa as Kazuki Kedōin and Mio Amada as Kirihime Kokuryū.

Trillion Game Series

The manga narrative revolves around Haru, carefree and Gaku, a more serious individual, who devise a grand plan to amass a trillion dollars, enabling them to satisfy all their desires.

Trillion Game Series

Haru boasts eloquence, persuasiveness, and confidence in communication, endearing him to everyone he meets. Gaku, on the other hand, excels as an awkward yet highly skilled programmer. The duo, once schoolmates, cross paths again when Gaku’s job application to a bank is rejected.

Inagaki and Ikegami introduced the manga in Big Comic Superior back in December 2020. The seventh compiled volume of the manga was published by Shogakukan on July 12.

Inagaki, known for his work on Eyeshield 21 alongside illustrator Yūsuke Murata from 2002 to 2009, also wrote the script for the anime adaptation that ran from 2005 to 2008, along with a film in 2003. The manga was published in English by Viz Media. In collaboration with artist Boichi, Inagaki initiated the Dr. Stone manga in March 2017, concluding it in March 2022. The franchise led to a TV anime in July 2019, followed by a second season in January 2021. The third season made its debut on April 6. Viz Media handles both digital and print publication of the manga, while MANGA Plus offers digital versions.

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Ikegami, recognized for works like “Crying Freeman,” alongside Buronson, brought to life their BEGIN manga in Big Comic Superior in October 2016, concluding the series in January 2020. Shogakukan released a total of nine volumes for this series.


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