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Kanoko Sakurakoji’s Mitsu to Gekiyaku Manga Premieres Nov 13

In the November issue of Shogakukan’s Betsucomi magazine, Kanoko Sakurakoji’s upcoming manga was unveiled, along with its title, a sneak peek image, and a synopsis. This eagerly anticipated manga is scheduled to debut in the magazine’s December issue, hitting the shelves on November 13.

The manga, aptly named “Mitsu to Gekiyaku” (Intimacy and Potency), is poised to be an enthralling romance-suspense tale. The inaugural chapter is a robust 61 pages in length, gracing the readers with a captivating color opening page. Additionally, this manga will grace the cover of the December issue.

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The heart of the narrative revolves around Aoko, the youngest scion of the prestigious Jioka family, and Akira, her dedicated protector. Akira’s unwavering guardianship has been a constant presence in Aoko’s life since childhood, yet she remains oblivious to his true self. However, a pivotal incident sets in motion a transformation in the dynamics of their relationship.

Sakurakoji’s previous work, “8! -Eight-,” made its debut in Betsucomi magazine in April 2022, culminating in May of the same year.

Kanoko Sakurakoji's Mitsu to Gekiyaku Manga

Before that, in January 2015, Sakurakoji introduced “Seirou Opera” (Edo Brothel Opera), concluding the series in November 2019. Shogakukan saw fit to compile 12 book volumes of this manga.

In June 2014, Sakurakoji wrapped up her three-volume “Last Notes” manga, which was initially launched in 2013.

Sakurakoji is widely recognized for her extraordinary supernatural romance manga, “Black Bird,” which also graced the pages of Betsucomi and reached its conclusion in December 2012.

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In North America, Viz Media published this captivating manga. Notably, Viz Media also brought Sakurakoji’s two-volume “Backstage Prince” manga to the North American audience.


Source | Betsucomi November issue and website

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