Kentarō Hiyama’s First Pregnancy Manga Gets Live-Action Show By Netflix

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2021)

TV Tokyo and Netflix announced Thursday that they are producing a live-action serial adaptation of Eri Sakai’s manga Hiyama Kentarō no Ninshin (Kentarō Hiyama’s First Pregnancy) that will debut worldwide in 2022. Takumi Saitō will play the lead protagonist Kentarō Hiyama , while Juri Ueno will play Kentarō’s partner, Aki Seto.

Kentarō Hiyama's First Pregnancy Manga Gets Live-Action Show By Netflix
Takumi Saito / Juri Ueno

“Hiyama Kentaro’s Pregnancy” is a work set in a world where men are pregnant and giving birth. Kentaro Hiyama, an elite office worker, is depicted growing up with his partner, Aki Seto while suffering from confusion about unexpected pregnancy and prejudice against “male pregnancy and childbirth”. It was serialized in BE LOVE (Kodansha) in 2012, and all one volume of the book was released.

Takumi Saitoh will play the role of Kentaro, and Juri Ueno will play the role of Aki. The director will be Yuko Hakota and Takeo Kikuchi. Sakai commented on the drama, “I’m really looking forward to” Hiyama Kentaro’s Pregnancy “taken by Kentaro Saito, Aki Ueno, and Hakoda and Kikuchi!”

The live-action drama Hiyama Kentaro no Ninshin / Kentaro Hiyama’s First Pregnancy will be streamed on Netflix worldwide simultaneously in 2022.

  • Original: Eri Sakai “pregnancy of Hiyama Kentaro” (Kodansha “BE LOVE KC” Shosai)
  • Director: Yuko Hakoda, Takeo Kikuchi
  • Screenplay: Yamada Noryu, Sowate Yukiko, Chihiro Amano
  • Cast: Takumi Saito , Juri Ueno
  • Production: Netflix
  • Planning・ Production: TV Tokyo
  • Production cooperation: AOI Pro.

Source – Comic NatalieEri Sakai Twitter

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