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Kodansha and JICA Unveil Terako Shima’s ‘Ima, Indo ni Yobarete’ Manga

Kodansha and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) jointly unveiled “Ima, Indo ni Yobarete” (Now, India is Calling), a manga created by Terako Shima, on Wednesday, available exclusively on Kodansha’s Palcy app. Notably, this project has garnered support from Japan’s airline giant, ANA.

The manga’s narrative revolves around the life of Natsume Kanazawa, a 28-year-old manga artist. Despite dedicating five years to her craft, Natsume’s career has struggled to gain traction.

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A pivotal moment arrives when her boyfriend proposes marriage and suggests relocating to India together. Despite her reluctance to abandon her manga career, Natsume accepts the opportunity.

Indo ni Yobarete' Manga

However, upon reaching India, her boyfriend surprises her by declaring that she will be responsible for all household chores post-marriage. This sudden imposition of gender roles frustrates Natsume, leading her to question why women are expected to bear this burden. Her journey takes a transformative turn when she encounters Ruby, an Indian woman who shares Natsume’s frustration about women quitting their jobs upon marriage.

Despite cultural disparities, the two women discover common ground in their life concerns. Thus unfolds Natsume’s adventures in India, a nation that reshapes her destiny.

Terako Shima will release new chapters of the manga on the third Wednesday of each month, accompanied by a corresponding television segment in Japan. While the manga has yet to make its debut in English or Hindi, Kodansha has expressed intentions to distribute it locally in India.

The Manga Shakti Project, a collaboration involving Manga Planet India, Kodansha, and JICA, took center stage. During this research initiative, Manga Planet India provided participants with seven complimentary manga titles. Furthermore, participants stood a chance to win a one-month subscription to access Kodansha manga titles on Manga Planet India. Although Manga Planet India’s launch was initially slated for the end of 2023, it has been postponed to an unspecified date.

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Terako Shima, known for her manga “Babyun to Kareshi,” which premiered in Kodansha’s Hatsu Kiss magazine in 2017, has received recognition for her work, including the Tomoko Ninomiya Award and the Hatsu Kiss Award at the 2nd Otona Shōjo Manga Awards.


Source | PR Times via Super Sugoii’s Facebook page

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