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Kodansha Pulls 16 Manga from Crunchyroll on Jan 31

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2023)

On Thursday, Crunchyroll delivered devastating news to its manga-loving audience, announcing that it will be removing a significant number of popular Kodansha USA Publishing manga titles from its platform on January 31st. This decision comes following a similar move by the Azuki manga service, which will also be affected by Kodansha’s decision.

Kodansha Pulls 16 Manga from Crunchyroll on Jan 31

The list of titles set to be removed includes some of the most beloved and widely-read manga series, leaving many fans heartbroken at the thought of losing access to their favorite stories and characters.

Edens Zero
  • A Sign of Affection
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
  • Drifting Dragons
  • Fairy Tail
  • Farewell, My Dear Cramer
  • Fire Force
  • In/Spectre
  • Space Brothers
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Ghost in the Shell: The Human Algorithm
  • The World of Summoning
  • To Your Eternity
  • Toppu GP
  • Wave, Listen to Me!

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n a move that has sent shockwaves throughout the manga community, Kodansha issued a statement to both Crunchyroll and Azuki, announcing that it will be suspending its simulpub updates and distribution program due to “changes” within the company.

This decision will take effect on January 16th on Azuki, and on January 31st on Crunchyroll, where previous simulpub chapters from Kodansha’s titles will be removed from the platform. Azuki confirmed that this is a “policy change on Kodansha’s end that affects all of the platforms they distribute on.” Fans were left reeling from this news, as they will no longer have access to the latest simulpub chapters of their favorite manga series.

However, Azuki did confirm that other chapters, including early non-simulpub chapters of some of the series listed as well as non-simulpub series, will remain on the service. Kodansha has promised to make announcements regarding its simulpubs “in the coming months”, leaving fans with a glimmer of hope that they may return in the future.


Source – Crunchyroll

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