Kodansha USA Secures License for Cells at Work! Lady

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2023)

Kodansha USA Publishing has exciting news to share! In the upcoming month of September, a selection of captivating manga titles will grace our digital shelves.

Synopsis: Navigating life as a woman presents its challenges, but imagine living within a woman – a whole new level of complexity. From menstrual cycles to pregnancies, the journey is laden with emotions, especially when you’re as tiny as a cell.

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Luckily, Macrophage, Killer T, Helper T, and White Blood Cell are accompanied by a diligent squad, armed to tackle the daily trials of womanhood in this Cells at Work! spinoff, where the spotlight shines on the female experience.

 Cells at Work! Lady

Otokawa and Harada embarked on the Cells at Work! Lady (Hataraku Saibō Lady) spinoff manga journey in January 2020 through the pages of Morning two, concluding their tale in September 2022.

Moreover, Kodansha USA Publishing will also unveil an array of intriguing spinoff manga titles in English.

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Brace yourselves for the immersive worlds of Cells at Work: Bacteria!, Cells at Work!: Neo Bacteria!, Cells at Work! White Brigade, Cells at Work! Baby, Cells NOT at Work!, Cells at Work! Code Black, Cells at Work and Friends!, and Cells at Work: Platelets! Each offering promises an enthralling adventure worth exploring.


Source | Press Release

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