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Kuroko’s Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke) – Top Sports Anime

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2020)

Hey guys welcome back to . Sports anime genre is big and deep but very less talked about in the anime fandom. But great animation with awesome story line of sports can pretty much grip any anime/sports fan into watching it. Here is one great anime that we are going to talk about.

Kuroko's Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke) - Top Sports Anime
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Whenever I think of sports anime , first thing to hit my mind I’d ,”Kuroko no basuke” ,here’s why :-

The anime , even with the ‘generation of miracles’ and Taiga , seems pretty grounded in terms of how ‘everyone has to work hard to achieve their goals’ and resonates with the ideal of ‘sportsmanship’, setting the stage for the sports anime .

Given that basketball is a fast paced game , it was quite contempt with me that they showed some awesome fast paced moves , rather than dramatizing a moment for a whole minute. An actual basketball game takes around 2.5 hours (48 minute match + 15 minute halftime and the clock stops frequently, consuming some time) and they divided each of the ‘main’ matches into about 3 -5episodes (about 75 minutes ) so you can do the math yourself.

Showing the defeat of Seirin and also the back story of them being defeated by the ‘generation of miracles’ was a nice move . In many sports anime , the main team often wins endlessly , making it quite boring . So , the defeat and history of Seirin , along with the face off between the other generation of miracles , gave us the pleasure of unpredictability, which is the necessary evil in any game .

Not a sports anime without that special ‘trump card’ is it ?! In this case , they have the zone , which basically heightens all your physical abilities and obviously , only the generation of miracles and Kagami can access it . Although , what’s even better is the second zone , which simply teach us teamwork , it stands out because many real life players have been said to be in ‘the zone’ at times , but it is made possible by all the other teammates working in harmony .

Another important trait of these anime is that they made sure we are familiar with all the characters of a team , including their journey, strengths and weaknesses . This makes it feel more like a sports team and we get to observe each of these character’s development as the story proceeds.

Now , apart from all the ‘analytical’ stuff , the animation style is a really cool one as expected from a basketball anime . Everything including the indication of zone in the eyes ; the representation of the animal instincts of the players ; the fast paced face offs (especially Kagami vs Aomine), the mental picture of the zone and the final form of zone in the final against Akashi and his team , were just awesome !!


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