Kuromi’s Pretty Journey Short Anime Now Streaming in English by Sanrio

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2023)

Great news for Sanrio fans! The adorable and mischievous character Kuromi is embarking on a “Pretty Journey” in a new short anime. The excitement continues as the anime is now streaming in English, allowing fans worldwide to join Kuromi on her delightful adventures.

Don’t miss out on this heartwarming and charming experience brought to you by Sanrio!

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Last month, Sanrio made an exciting announcement about the English streaming debut of “Kuromi’s Pretty Journey,” the anime series based on its beloved character, Kuromi. The show is now available on the official Hello Kitty and Friends YouTube channel, starting from June 27. Viewers can currently enjoy the first six episodes, and every Tuesday, they can look forward to new episodes. The anime originally premiered three episodes on YouTube and TikTok on February 17, with subsequent releases of three episodes every Friday, totaling 21 episodes.

Kuromi's Pretty Journey

Sachi Miura skillfully directed the anime, which was brought to life by and IMAGICA DIGITALSCAPE. Domeshi and Yodine lent their writing prowess to create engaging scripts, while Mirai Kodai Orchestra is credited for the captivating music. The anime’s ending theme song, “Fuhen,” is beautifully performed by the multi-talented singer, actress, and model ano.

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In this captivating anime, Kuromi embarks on a global quest to find her missing older sister, Romina. Along her journey, she gains loyal companions and confronts nefarious organizations. The Kuromi character first graced the screens in the 2005 Sanrio anime “Onegai My Melody” and its sequel series. With its popularity soaring, it even secured a top-three spot in Sanrio’s esteemed “Character Awards” in 2022.


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