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Licht And Tetia’s Children (Son & Daughter) Alive In Elysia – Black Clover

Hey guys welcome back to and latest Black Clover ch 265 is out. We see new Elf Village in Elysia and Children of Licht And Tetia. So lets dicuss the chapter.

Welcome To Elysia! (Black Clover 265 Review)


In ch 265 starts from last chapter 264 ended Noelle and everyone else wakes up and find themselves with the Elf Tribe. Noelle looks around and asks them about the place. Patri answers that it is Elysia.

This forest village is located within a Grand Magic Zone in the neutral area along the coast west of the Heart Kingdom. The village is a home for the descendants of Licht and Tetia. Elysia is flooded with intensely concentrated mana. Dryad 「ドリアーデ Doriāde」 is the guardian deity of the village and communicates with the elves. Dryad appears to be a giant tree.

Licht And Tetia Children

Noelle then sees 2 children and ask about them. Patri tells them that they are the children b/w Licht and Human Royalty ( Tetia ), everyone gets shocked. Then we see Nero’s flashback of that massacre day. She remembered that one of the twins was still alive, and she immediately had sealed Tetia’s injuries with her magic and ran to Lumiere. Then she realized that Tetia must have survived.

Extreme Magic – Elves Secret

Patri then told them that their guardian tree Dryad told them to save Noelle and others. Patri tells them that they have become stronger in a very short period of time. They all survived the explosion with their powers. Then Noelle in the same Black Bulls fashion tells him that this wasn’t enough to save their people from Dark Triade. She askes Patri to make all of them stronger so that they can defeat Triade. All get hyped and Patri said that they can become stronger with the “Extreme Magic” secret technique of Elves.


The Black Clover Ch 265 ends.

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