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List of Anime Definitely Not for Kids

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2021)

Kids, stay away from this list. Anime is a weird ocean of everything unimaginable. Sometimes, you come across a series so messed up that you can help but wonder. Hmmm, what goes inside the mind of people who make animations like this. But anyway, there are all kinds of kinky people around and they want what they want.

No, I am not blaming you for your entertainment choices, instead, I want to fulfill your desire to watch mess-up anime for adults. Alright, if you’re not out of your mind and you can handle some friendly messed-up TV series, I welcome you to the dark section of AnimeIndia.

Future Diary

Anime Definitely Not for Kids

Let’s say for a minute “stalking is fun”. Future Diary or Mirai Nikki is an anime about taking the term stalking to the next level. The anime has frequent scenes of MCs almost getting killed. All thanks to the female protagonist, who is a psycho in love, the show keeps you at the edge of your seat with its insane psychology and hard-to-digest action scenes.

Elfen Lied

Anime Definitely Not for Kids

There was a time when Elfen Lied used to be the most badass anime on the planet. The story revolves around a government-funded project, which happens to be a super-soldier girl. The girl breaks out of the facility and creates havoc, killing innocent lives in the process. If you like your coffee, holidays international and TV series full of blood baths, watch Elfen Lied today. Kids can stay away!


Anime Definitely Not for Kids

I really don’t want people to see this masterpiece yet. The anime is too far ecchi and the constant urge to show Yandere characters will make you feel weak. The show has every bad word you can think of and if that’s not enough, the two protagonists wear underwear on their faces to hide their identities. My respect for Spiderman just skyrocketed.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Kids and vegetarians should stay away from this anime. Tokyo Ghoul is the epitome of human behavior and what’s the best thing you can do on a date you ask? Well, you can eat your friend if you ask me. Tokyo Ghoul plots around these things and if you are not familiar with cannibalism then don’t watch this show otherwise you’ll fall in love with human meat.

Food Wars!

Anime Definitely Not for Kids

When everyone thought you can’t lewd food, Japan did it again. Food Wars! Is a 2015 anime about food, which looks good on the screen, all thanks to people getting orgasms by eating food. Wait what? Food Wars! shouldn’t be watched by kids, elderly citizens, and Gorden Ramsey. People who like food more than anybody else should avoid this anime but if you like kinky stuff then it is available on Netflix.

Prison School

Anime Definitely Not for Kids

Prison School is a weird anime about a school that treats its male students like slaves. But that’s not the good part. Students like being treated as slaves in school. Other female students bully the male student and for some reason, male students like being treated like that. The show runs around for 12 episodes with insane lewd moments between the male and female students. If you want to lose your innocence without getting out of your house then join Prison School.

Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out!

Tank alert! Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out! Is anything but kid-friendly. The show is basically about a senior and junior college student. The junior college student has uneven body parts which she uses to tease her senpai. The show just revolves around these two hanging around all day long and trying all kinds of things. The show is wholesome as a bedtime story but the visuals are erotic and will keep you coming back for more. See I did what there?

Highschool Of The Dead

Anime Definitely Not for Kids

Highschool Of The Dead is a holy anime, by the standards of kinky people. With a bunch of waifus hanging around your house and asking you to become a hero. The plot basically revolves around a zombie apocalypse and how a bunch of students fights their way to survive. But the reason you shouldn’t watch this show lies in the characters. All of them are ready to show their skin too frequently. This anime is not for kids and pure souls who are yet to discover the youth of life.

Interspecies Reviewers

Anime Definitely Not for Kids

Now, we are getting into the darker side of the internet. Interspecies Reviewers is something I’ve already kept away from me. The anime is weird, sexual, and something you should not watch alone or with your family members. Interspecies Reviewers is a 2020 anime about a bunch of humanoid species, who, for some reason, tends to make everything fun for everyone. The show is not suitable for kids, elders with sugar problems, and people who fear women.



Berserk is an action anime from the 90s. The time where everything was allowed and nobody can stop you from displaying molestation on screen. The 90s was the crazy period for anime and we saw some of the shows like Berserk getting into mainstream media. Berserk is an emotion that speaks directly to the soul. The anime is not suitable for children, kids, or people with emotional hearts. It shows the harsh reality of the world and what it’s like being a person with a sore heart.


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1 year ago

Interspecies Reviewers should definitely be there and prison school and shimoneta is fine but tokyo ghoul it’s a fu**in masterpiece
Shougeki no soma is too not that much and uzaki chan wants to hangout is also pretty good come on u need to edit this post

1 year ago
Reply to  Neel

Tokyo Ghoul is rated 16+ and 18+ around the world. Food Wars in rated 16+ and Uzaki-Chan wants to hang out created a huge controversy because of figure. Get your facts straight homeboy!

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