Live-Action Film Announced For Mari Okazaki’s Will I Be Single Forever? Manga

Mari Okazaki’s original draft by Mami Amemiya will be made into a live-action movie of “Will I Be Single Forever?” It will be released on November 19th, starring Minami Tanaka.

“Will I Be Single Forever?” Announced at Feel Young (Shodensha) is a one-shot series in which Okazaki devised a story based on Amemiya’s essay of the same name. In the movie, an essay written 10 years ago became an exceptional hit, and the main character is Mami Honda, a 36-year-old bachelor who suddenly became a famous writer, and she is depicted finding “a form of happiness for herself.”

When making the movie, Okazaki sent a message saying, “The content of the movie is quite different from that of the manga. But I hope it gently pushes the back of the viewer. I hope that you will feel a little more energetic after watching it.” ..

田中みな実<初主演>映画『ずっと独身でいるつもり?』超特報  11月19日(金)公開

The Director of “Will I Be Single Forever?” is Momoko Fukuda(Kakafukaka) with a script by Fumi Tsubota. Yūki Saitō is the assistant director. . Fukuda said, “I love the women in the movie, including Mami Honda, who plays Minami Tanaka. I hope this movie will be like” the best female friend “for you.” Commented. In addition, Tanaka, who plays the lead role, said, “This work is not about a woman who can’t get married. It’s not about a woman who decides to live without getting married. You may be judged, but is that really important? Married women are happy and unmarried women are unhappy? I was in my mid-30s and talked to me at this time. I felt that it made a lot of sense. “” What is happiness for me? I hope it will give you an opportunity to eliminate all noise and think positively. “

Okazaki launched the manga in Shodensha’s Feel Young magazine in November 2014 and ended it in October 2015. The premise of the manga is based on the essay of the same name by Mami Amamiya. Shodensha published a compiled book volume for the manga.

Okazaki is best known for her workplace romance Suppli, which appeared in Shodensha’s Feel Young magazine from 2003 to 2009. The story revolves around Minami Fujii, a woman who discovers romantic opportunities in her agency job. advertising after separating from her boyfriend. Tokyopop published five volumes of the series. The manga was adapted into a television drama in Japan in 2006.

Okazaki launched the Kashimashi Meshi manga in Feel Young in February 2016, and the manga is ongoing. Okazaki recently ended the A-Un manga on May 27.

Source – Comic Natalie via Animenewsnetwork


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