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Live-Action Mini-Series for Mayo Tsurukame’s Perfect Propose BL Manga

Fuji TV has unveiled exciting news, as they officially confirm the production of a live-action mini-series adaptation of Mayo Tsurukame’s beloved boys-love manga, “Perfect Propose.” This eagerly anticipated series is scheduled to make its debut on Fuji TV On Demand with a total of six thrilling episodes, set to grace our screens next year.

The charismatic Shunya Kaneko, renowned for his roles in “Ultraman Trigger” and the live-action “Rent-A-Girlfriend,” steps into the shoes of the main protagonist, Hiro.

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Meanwhile, the talented Kōta Nomura, celebrated for his work in “Shin Shinchō Kōki ~ Classmate wa Sengoku Bujо̄,” brings Hiro’s childhood friend, Kai, to life. The series is under the expert direction of Tadaaki Horai, known for “My Love Mix-Up!” The compelling scripts for this adaptation come from the skilled pen of Takeshi Miyamoto, acclaimed for “Old Fashion Cupcake.”

Mayo Tsurukame's Perfect Propose BL Manga

Fans of the manga will be delighted to know that the publisher futekiya has secured the licensing rights, making the manga accessible in English through Manga Planet. Described by futekiya as follows:

Hiro, overwhelmed by the relentless stress of his work, struggles to enjoy proper meals or find restful sleep. One fateful day, after collapsing on the sidewalk from yet another taxing day, he is approached by a stranger.

Surprisingly, this individual claims they once made a promise to marry each other. Who is Kai Fukaya, and why is he so determined to take on the role of Hiro’s fiancé?

Tsurukame’s manga first graced the pages of Kaiohsha’s Gush magazine in 2020. The story received its one-volume compilation release from Kaiohsha in August 2020, and a captivating drama CD followed in 2021.

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English-speaking fans had the pleasure of experiencing this tale when the manga made its debut in the English language in December 2021.


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