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Live-Action Tokyo Revengers Film Gets Sequel in 2023

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2022)

The sequel to the live-action movie “Tokyo Revengers” will be produced. Takumi Kitamura, who plays the leading role, and other related parties also announced joyful comments. This work is based on “Tokyo Revengers” serialized by Ken Wakui in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”. 

The appearance of the main character, Takemichi Hanagaki, growing up every time he returns to the past, and the bonds he has with his friends who work together to confront him, have gained popularity, and the cumulative circulation of books has exceeded 65 million.

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The movie “Tokyo Revengers” released on July 9, 2021, recorded box office revenue of 4.5 billion yen and spectator mobilization of 3.35 million. It became the number one hit in a live-action movie for theaters in 2021.

On July 30, the movie “Tokyo Revengers” will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on Fuji TV’s “Saturday Premium”. After airing, it was revealed that the production of a movie sequel was decided in 2023.

The original Ken Wakui said, “I’m really excited about the announcement of the sequel so quickly! Moreover, this time I’m also participating in a new cast, and a live-action version of the series that is especially memorable in the original … I’m very happy to share the excitement (^^) “.

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Takumi Kitamura, who starred in the movie, said, “I can do martial arts again, I can meet everyone again, and I’m glad that I can call my name. Please look forward to it.” Director Tsutomu Hanabusa also expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I’m going to tighten myself up for a big new mission. I’m going to run up this high mountain with the martial arts many times without giving up.”

Along with the information disclosure, the sequel decision PV was announced. The approximately 50-second video concludes with the lines, “This is my life’s revenge,” raising expectations.


Source: Anime News Network

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