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“Lycoris Recoil” will Start Broadcasting in July!

Original TV anime ” Lycoris Recoil ” will be released in July. At the same time, an additional cast was announced, and the first key visual and the teaser PV were released.

“Lycoris Recoil” is known for being in charge of character design and animation director for the anime “Sword Art Online” and “WORKING !!” Shingo Adachi’s first directorial work. 

Set in a Japanese cafe, Cafe Riko Rico in downtown Tokyo, Senzoku Nishikigi and cool Inoue Tetsuya, who are always smiling, order coffee and sweets, deliveries, pick up and drop off at night, and consult about zombies and giant monsters. 

Responding to the various requests of customers is depicted. As an additional cost, the role of Mizuki Nakahara, a “sorry Arasa girl” who continues to be a cafe clerk in search of encounters with Ami Koshimizu is in charge. 

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A runaway girl of unknown nationality who loves games and plays the role of a bad clerk walnut Misaki Kuno Kosuke Sakaki plays the role of

Five key visuals include Chizoku Nishikigi, Taking Inoue, Mizuki Nakahara, Walnut, and Mika. A copy saying “Any order (order) is left to her ♪” is written. In addition, the Twitter account (@LYCO_RECO) of Cafe Riko Rico is open. The account will convey the menu and the state of the store.


Source: Anime News Network

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