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Mai Matsuda of ‘Hikaru in the Light!’ debuts new manga on August 1

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2023)

Exciting news for manga fans! Mai Matsuda, the talented creator of ‘Hikaru in the Light!’, will be debuting her new manga on August 1st.

Stay tuned for a fresh dose of captivating storytelling and beautiful artwork from Matsuda’s latest creation. Don’t miss out on this highly anticipated release!

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Mai Matsuda, in the latest issue of Futabasha’s Manga Action magazine, unveiled exciting news about her upcoming manga titled “Hōkago Kitaku Biyori” (A Fine Day for Going Home After School)

Hikaru in the Light

This romantic comedy, set to debut in the next issue on August 1, will captivate readers with its vibrant opening page in full color. The story revolves around Shun, a fresh-faced student who finds himself unexpectedly drawn into the “Go-Home Club.”

This group, known as such in Japanese slang, comprises individuals who prefer going straight home instead of participating in afterschool club activities. Initially resistant, Shun’s resolve is swiftly challenged when he encounters a tenacious girl aptly nicknamed “Go Home.” Relentless in her pursuit, she coerces him into joining their escapades.

Matsuda, previously recognized for her work on “Hikaru in the Light!” manga (depicted on the right), kickstarted the series in Manga Action during May 2021, ultimately concluding it in August 2022. The manga garnered substantial acclaim, prompting Futabasha to publish four comprehensive volumes. English-speaking fans can rejoice, as Azuki secured the license and released all four volumes in the English language.


Source | Manga Action issue 15 and website

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