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Mai Zenin’s Cursed Technique Unveiled as an Astonishing Power in Latest Jujutsu Kaisen Release!

In the mystical universe of Jujutsu Kaisen, cursed techniques are not individualized powers that are exclusive to one sorcerer. Rather, they are linked to the clan that one is born into, enabling multiple clan members to share the exact same cursed technique. However, chapter 217 of the manga presents an intriguing twist to this norm by introducing Yorozu, a jujutsu sorcerer who possesses the same Construction cursed technique as Mai Zenin, but wields it with deadly precision and finesse.

Construction is one of the Zenin Clan’s inherent cursed techniques, suggesting that Yorozu may be an ancient ancestor of the famed trio of Megumi, Maki, and Mai. This technique empowers its user to fabricate any object out of thin air, with the constructed item being a tangible, physical entity that retains its shape even after the technique has been dispelled. However, this awesome ability requires an enormous amount of cursed energy to sustain, making it an incredibly taxing technique to wield.

Thus, the enigmatic Yorozu’s mastery of the Construction cursed technique poses an intriguing puzzle to solve, as Mai Zenin has never been able to fully unleash the technique’s immense potential. Could Yorozu’s prowess be a result of her lineage or a rare gift bestowed upon her by the mystical forces of the universe? Whatever the case may be, the answer to this perplexing question is sure to be a fascinating one.

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The Reason Behind Mai Zenin’s Curse Technique’s Weakness

Mai Zenin was born with the gift of Construction, an extraordinary technique that allowed her to create objects out of thin air. However, fate was not kind to her as she was born as the twin of Maki Zenin, a powerful jujutsu sorcerer. According to the laws of natural jujutsu, twins are considered as a single entity, and thus, Mai had to share in her sister’s heavenly restriction.

While Maki flourished with an incredibly robust body and no cursed energy, Mai was left with a regular sorcerer’s body and minimal cursed energy. As a result, she could barely tap into the true potential of her inherited technique. To put it into perspective, Mai could only create an object no larger than a bullet each day, rendering Construction almost entirely useless in her hands.

Despite her limitations, Mai persevered and honed her skills with her weapon of choice, a curse-imbued revolver. This revolver proved to be her saving grace in dire situations, but even then, she could only construct an emergency shot charged with toxic cursed energy if she ran out of bullets.

But Mai’s most remarkable feat was her selfless sacrifice for her sister. To complete Maki’s heavenly restriction and gift her the ultimate cursed blade, Mai created a second Split Soul Katana. However, creating the sword required her to sacrifice her own life, a testament to her unwavering love for her sister.

Mai Zenin may have been overshadowed by her twin sister, but her resilience and selflessness will forever be remembered as a shining example of the true spirit of a jujutsu sorcerer.

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Full Potential of Construction: Yorozu Takes the Lead in JJK Chapter 217!

Yorozu, the Heian era jujutsu sorcerer, is a force to be reckoned with. Her mastery of the Construction technique knows no bounds, and she can recreate any material she lays her eyes on. But what sets her apart from her peers is her liquid metal construct – a unique accessory that blurs the line between cursed tool and shikigami.

This living mecha-suit is unlike anything the jujutsu world has ever seen. It responds to Yorozu’s every command, morphing into any shape she desires with the help of her cursed energy. But that’s not all. Yorozu has spent years perfecting her craft, and her liquid metal construct has evolved into something more. It bonds with her to form armor that is impenetrable and enhances her already formidable physical prowess.

The armor is not just a shell; it’s a living organism with biological traits of insects. Wings, antennae, and stingers – you name it, the armor has it. Yorozu adopted this form as a challenge to Sukuna, the cursed king who has wreaked havoc on the jujutsu world. And when he retaliated by unleashing the fearsome 8-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga, Yorozu knew she had to push her limits even further.


Now, Yorozu is set to face off against a fellow Heian era sorcerer, one who possesses the Zenin Clan’s coveted Ten Shadows cursed technique. It’s a battle to the death, and Yorozu knows that her Construction technique will be put to the ultimate test. Will she emerge victorious, or will Sukuna’s overwhelming aggression be her downfall? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – Yorozu’s liquid metal construct is a force to be reckoned with, and she’s not afraid to use it to its full potential.

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