Main Cast and Teaser Video Unveiled for TV Anime Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2023)

On Monday, the official website for the TV anime adaptation of Shizuki Fujisawa’s manga “Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai” unveiled the teaser promo video and announced the main cast members. The website provided an exciting glimpse into the show’s world, offering a sneak peek into the captivating tale of the Yuzuki family’s youthful saga.

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The anime stars:

  • Miyuki Sakurai as Minato Yuzuki, the third son who is energetic and thoughtful of his siblings
  • Momoka Terasawa as Gakuto, the fourth son who is actually the most grown up, and a first-year elementary school student whom everyone calls a hermit
  • Kikunosuke Toya as Mikoto Yuzuki the second son who is cool and has a brother complex
  • Ryōta Iwasaki as Hayato Yuzuki, the eldest brother and family’s central pillar who is worldly wise
Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai

This upcoming fall, an exciting new anime is set to make its premiere. Helming the project as director is Mitsuru Hongo, known for his work on “Gunma-chan” and “Ascendance of a Bookworm.” The animation studio Shuka, recognized for their contributions to “Natsume’s Book of Friends” seasons 5-6, is bringing their expertise to this production.

Leading the character design and serving as the chief animation director is Orie Tanaka, renowned for their work on “Natsume’s Book of Friends.” The talented composer Yoshikazu Suo, known for his musical compositions in “Magical Project S” and “The Melody of Oblivion,” is creating the captivating soundtrack for the series.

The tale of maturation traces the lives of four siblings. First is Hayato, the provider and educator, shouldering the family’s financial responsibilities. Next is Mikoto, affectionate yet overly protective of Minato. Then we have Minato, timid and reserved, navigating his own path. Lastly, there’s Gakuto, a self-assured first-grader, brimming with confidence.

The manga debuted in Shogakukan’s shōjo manga magazine Betsucomi back in 2018 and emerged victorious in the shōjo category during the 66th Shogakukan Manga Prizes in 2020.


Sources | Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon-Kyōdai anime’s websiteComic Natalie

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