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Manga Adaptation Confirmed for Ougyo Kawagishi’s Noroken no Hime no Overkill Novels

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

Ougyo Kawagishi’s Noroken no Hime no Overkill: Tokkuni Life wa Rei nanoni (Overkill of the Princess’ Cursed Sword: Even though Life Was Already at Zero) novel series is getting a manga adaptation, this was confirmed by Yawaraka Spirits’ official Twitter account on Thursday. The website’s Twitter account also indicated that it is preparing to launch “many other” new serializations as well. The account did not indicate who would draw the manga adaptation of Noroken no Hime no Overkill: Tokkuni Life wa Rei nanoni. The serialization will start around upcoming August.

Noroi Ken No Hime No Overkill Tokkuni Life Ha Reinanoni (GAGAGA Bunko) [Light Novel]
Noroi Ken No Hime No Overkill Tokkuni Life Ha Reinanoni (GAGAGA Bunko) [Light Novel]

The novels focus on Thea, a boy whose dream is to become a ceremonial sword maker. On the way to the capital to fulfill his dream, he is attacked by orcs, but just at that moment, a strange swordswoman appears and brutally kills the orcs in obvious exaggeration. His name is Shey and he wields a cursed weapon. Thea then becomes Shey’s exclusive blacksmith.

Shogakukan published the first novel with illustrations by so-bin on September 18 and the second novel on February 18.

Kawagishi is the original light novel author of the 10-volume Jinsei light novel series, which launched in 2012 and ended in 2015. The light novel series inspired a 13-episode television anime series in 2014. Funimation released the series on home video under the title Jinsei – Life Consulting.


Source – Yawaraka Spirits’ Twitter account via Animenewsnetwork

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