Manga Author Azu Faces Harassment, Deletes Twitter and Pixiv Fanbox

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2023)

In a recent and unfortunate turn of events, manga author Azu, known for her work on the popular series “Magical Sempai,” faced a barrage of online harassment that resulted in the deletion of her Twitter account and her Pixiv Fanbox. The series, a lighthearted ecchi-comedy revolving around magic tricks and humor, had garnered a devoted fanbase.

Manga Author Azu Faces Harassment, Deletes Twitter and Pixiv Fanbox

The trouble began when Azu, like many creators, maintained a Pixiv Fanbox – a platform akin to Patreon – where supporters could offer financial contributions and receive exclusive perks, such as requesting custom illustrations. However, some fans went beyond these boundaries by requesting not-safe-for-work (NSFW) artwork of the titular character, Magical Sempai, in compromising situations.

Upon posting these illustrations, Azu faced a wave of criticism and backlash on social media platforms. Matters escalated when a fan edited the Japanese Wikipedia page for the series, falsely claiming that Azu had authorized explicit content involving the characters. This deceitful act further distressed the author.

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In response, Azu posted a message on her Pixiv Fanbox, strongly refuting the claims and asserting that all characters, including the protagonist, were intended to be depicted as virgins. She emphasized the intended audience for such content, aimed at adults who could understand the distinction between fiction and reality.

Regrettably, rather than resolving the situation, this message intensified the backlash. Many fans continued to criticize her on Twitter. In the face of this relentless harassment, Azu deactivated her Twitter account and removed her Pixiv Fanbox.

The incident underscores the challenges creators may encounter when catering to fan requests, especially when those requests venture into explicit or sensitive territory. While fans have the right to voice their opinions, harassment and personal attacks are never an acceptable response. Azu’s experience serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and pressures that come with being a content creator in the digital age.


Source: Anime Senpai

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