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Manga Debut for Bullbuster Project on October 5

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2023)

In the forthcoming October issue of Kadokawa’s Comic Flapper magazine, readers can look forward to a manga adaptation of the Bullbuster franchise set to debut on October 5.

Hishio Itami is at the helm of this exciting project, with film director Hiroyuki Nakao and P.I.C.S. recognized as the original creators. To kick things off in style, the manga will treat fans to a captivating color opening page.

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The origins of this franchise trace back to a concept book initially unveiled at the esteemed Comic Market (Comiket) and COMITIA events. At its core, the narrative revolves around the intriguing premise of an economically legitimate robot hero saga.

The creative team behind this unique venture boasts a remarkable lineup, featuring Nakao, manga luminary Esaku Kubonouchi, renowned science-fiction author Yūya Takashima, and the talented illustrator Junji Okubo.

Notably, this project also boasts an upcoming television anime slated for its premiere on October 4. Within the anime’s narrative tapestry, audiences will follow the journey of a budding engineer named Tetsurō Okino, the mastermind behind the innovative robot, Bullbuster.

 Bullbuster Project on October 5

Transferred to Hato Industries, a company specializing in the extermination of troublesome creatures, Okino finds himself and the firm’s president, Kōji Tajima, locked in a relentless battle against an enigmatic lifeform known as “Kyojū.” Operating as a modest enterprise perpetually grappling with financial constraints, Hato Industries must meticulously account for every expense, including fuel and labor costs for their pilots.

In this high-stakes environment, precision is paramount, leaving no room for missed shots. The company stands at the crossroads of their noble mission to eliminate Kyojū and the harsh realities of economic survival.

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Notably, Kadokawa has already published two novels set within this captivating franchise. With Nakao as the visionary behind the original concept and Seiji Ebihara penning the novels, fans can expect an immersive and multifaceted experience within the Bullbuster universe.


Source | Comic Flapper October issue

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