Manga For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams Live Action Set to Debut on Aug 29

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2023)

On July 31, streaming platform Lemino made an exciting announcement: a live-action series adaptation of Kei Sanbe’s captivating manga, “For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams” (Yume de Mita Anoko no Tameni), is currently in production.

This highly anticipated series is set to premiere on August 29, exclusively on Lemino’s platform. Adding to the anticipation, Lemino unveiled a teaser video along with the expanded cast lineup on Wednesday.

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The manga, published in English by Yen Press, weaves a gripping tale. Senri Nakajou, as a tender youngster, witnessed the brutal murder of his family, an event that has fueled his unrelenting thirst for revenge.

His life revolves around this singular goal – from his daily endeavors to his scholarly pursuits, all endeavors are aimed at amassing the power and wealth necessary to track down the murderer and serve justice, even if it means immersing himself in the shadows.

The cast includes:

  • Hinako Sakurai as Enami Kotogawa, Senri’s childhood friend
  • Aki Nishihara as Mitsue Yūki, Senri and Kazuto’s mother
  • Shigeyuki Totsugi as Yūji Yūki, Senri and Kazuto’s father
  • Shūhei Nomura as Wakazono Masayasu, a detective involved with the case
  • Itsuuji Itao as Kenichirō Komatsu, a detective assigned to the case of Senri’s father and mother
  • Itsuki Fujiwara as Akatsuki Sejima, Senri’s friend and confidante
  • Fuyuki Moto as Makoto Chūjo, Senri’s maternal grandfather, who runs a small grocery
  • Mizuho Shiromiya as Saki Tajimi, a junior detective under Wakazono
  • Shōji Mochida as Kanaumi, a loanshark
  • Yoneko Matsukane as Etsuko Chūji, Senri’s maternal grandmother, who runs a small grocery
  • Mayu Miyamoto as Riko Watarai, Kazuto’s neighbor and confidante
  • Mizuki Itagaki as twin brothers Senri and Kazuto
  • Kazuki Horike as Nishi Naitō, Senri and Sejima’s friend
  • Takara Sakumoto as Tatsuhiko Itakura, the heir of the Itakura crime group
  • Joey Iwanaga as Masahiro Totsuka, Senri and Sejima’s friend
  • Kōdai Asaka as Masamune Katō, Tatsuhiko’s bodyguard

Tsuyoshi Nakakuki helms the series, guided by scripts from Daisuke Hosaka. Music composition falls to Tarō Makido.

Manga For the Kid I Saw in My Dreams

Sanbe, known for works like ERASED and Island in a Puddle, introduced the manga in Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine in July 2017, concluding it in July 2022. The 11th and ultimate compiled volume arrived in September 2022. Yen Press issued the 10th volume on May 23. The manga was a nominee for the Stan Lee Excelsior Award in 2020.


Sources | Comic Natalie (link 2), Lemino Twitter account

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