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Manga Maestro’s Shocking Revelation, “Tokyo Ghoul Wasn’t A Success” Says Ishida

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2023)

In a recent interview with Manga Passion, Sui Ishida, the renowned mangaka behind the global phenomenon “Tokyo Ghoul” and the currently serialized “Choujin X,” provided a surprising revelation that has left fans and the manga community in a state of bewilderment. When asked about the immense success of “Tokyo Ghoul” and the pressure he felt to replicate it with “Choujin X,” Ishida responded with a perplexing statement. He claimed to have no recollection of expressing any pressure to succeed and questioned whether he had ever made such a remark. This unexpected perspective from Ishida has sparked a fresh dialogue within the community, causing fans to reevaluate the conventional metrics of success in the manga industry.

Manga Maestro's Shocking Revelation, "Tokyo Ghoul Wasn't A Success" Says Ishida

Ishida went on to explain that he does not consider “Tokyo Ghoul” a success solely based on commercial or critical acclaim. For him, success is defined by his personal satisfaction with his work. He emphasized that it is not essential for his creations to be well-received or adored by the masses; rather, he seeks self-praise for his artistic endeavors. This revelation challenges the notion of success in the manga industry, where commercial success and popularity often overshadow an artist’s personal fulfillment.

The interview also shed light on the challenges and pressures faced by mangakas. Ishida admitted that he continues to grapple with personal hurdles while working on his latest series, “Choujin X,” much like he did during his time with “Tokyo Ghoul.”

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Despite these obstacles, Ishida finds solace in the connection his work forms with readers. He expressed his happiness when his creations resonate with people, marking the first time he has been able to establish such a connection with his audience.

Moreover, Ishida’s work routine raised concerns about his well-being. Working without any assistants, he has been devoting an average of ten hours a day to his craft, occasionally stretching it to an astonishing thirty hours at a time. These revelations shed light on the intense work conditions prevalent in the manga industry, often overlooked amidst the glamour and success of popular series.

However, there is a silver lining. Ishida has opted for an irregular publication schedule for “Choujin X,” allowing him the freedom to work at his own pace and take breaks when necessary. This decision enables him to create better work without the constraints of a rigid timetable or page limit. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing an artist’s well-being and avoiding burnout, a concern that resonates with the recent struggles faced by the author of “My Hero Academia.”

In conclusion, Ishida’s candid interview has prompted a reevaluation of the conventional measures of success in the manga industry. It has shed light on the personal fulfillment and challenges faced by mangakas, raising awareness about the demanding work conditions they endure. Ishida’s pursuit of self-praise and connection with readers serves as an inspiration for artists to prioritize their own satisfaction and well-being in their creative endeavors.


Source: Manga Pasion

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