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Manga Planet Adds “Beneath the Mask” and “The Princess of Blue Roses” Manga to its Licensed Collection

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2023)

Manga Planet made an announcement on Wednesday, revealing their acquisition of two shojo manga titles from COMPASS Inc.

Beneath the Mask

The elegant daughter of a duke retaliates against the outlandish accusations thrust upon her…with the invaluable assistance of her beloved brother, naturally!

Catia, throughout her time at the academy, has consistently concealed her visage behind a mask. Yet, during the very peak of the graduation celebration, her betrothed, the First Prince, abruptly terminates their engagement, unjustly branding her as both unkind and possessing an unsightly countenance.

However, he ought to have pondered twice, for who precisely proclaimed that an unattractive face lay hidden beneath the mask?

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The Princess of Blue Roses

On the day of her impending execution, Vyaria awakens to discover that time has inexplicably reversed, regressing her to the tender age of seven. Gripped by the memories of her harrowing future, she finds herself deeply traumatized.

Her initial marriage to King Cain had been an icy and joyless union. Every endeavor she made to bridge the emotional gap between them had met with cold rejection, exacerbated by the unexpected arrival of a girl from a parallel dimension, which only fueled Cain’s animosity towards Vyaria. Whispered behind closed doors, she became known as the “Princess of Blue Roses,” embodying the emblematic flower that represents unattainable desires.

Confronted with the reappearance of a youthful Cain, Vyaria trembles with fear, for she dreads that history will merely replay itself. Is she condemned to relive the same torment? Does she truly possess no agency to alter her destined future?

Though paralyzed by trepidation, Vyaria swears to wage a battle against her cruel fate, determined to seize this second chance at life and defy the unforgiving hands of destiny…!

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Comikey has also included both manga in its lineup.

Manga Planet will provide updates regarding the release date of the two manga series in due course.

The Manga Planet and futekiya manga subscription services are merging their collections into a unified platform under the Manga Planet brand in the spring of 2023. An Android and iOS application for the consolidated service will be introduced in the summer of 2023.


Source | Press Release

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