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Marvel’s latest symbiote in Deadpool is deadlier than Carnage.

My dear sir or madam, the current plight of our beloved Deadpool is nothing short of a grotesque and harrowing affair. Alas, our dear Merc with a Mouth finds himself ensnared in a most foul and villainous scheme, wherein he has become the unwitting host to a strain of the notorious Carnage symbiote.

The unfortunate circumstances of our hero’s current state are further compounded by the fact that the aforementioned symbiote has revealed itself to be none other than the dreaded Cletus Kasady, a face that no denizen of the Marvel Universe would ever wish to behold.

After a tumultuous series of events that saw Deadpool fall in and out of the grasp of the nefarious Harrower and the infamous Doctor Octopus, he now finds himself trapped within the bowels of a gargantuan plant, where the symbiote within him gestates, ready to burst forth in a most ghastly and gruesome display.

Of course, we need not fear for our beloved Deadpool’s survival, thanks to his remarkable healing factor. However, it is not our dear Merc with a Mouth that is the cause for concern, but rather the return of the malevolent Cletus Kasady to the mortal realm.

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Deadpool defies death once again: Revives Cletus Kasady back to the land of the living!

Although the intricacies of Harrower’s plan were initially shrouded in mystery, her ultimate goal has become abundantly clear. The notion that she was cultivating a subservient symbiote of her own was not entirely unfounded. In fact, it remains quite valid, though the introduction of Cletus has added a truly horrific dimension to the equation.

Being the longest-standing host of the Carnage symbiote, it stands to reason that a piece of Cletus would be imprinted within it as a Codex. With Harrower’s unique talents, she was able to engineer a means of resurrecting the notorious Cletus, although how she plans to exert her will over him remains to be seen. It is beyond the pale to fathom that Cletus, in any capacity, would willingly serve Harrower as her underling or even as her peer. Presuming this to be the case, it is only a matter of time before he breaks free and unleashes untold chaos upon the world. Alas, the prospect of another deadly symbiote running amok is daunting, and the ramifications of such an event are truly unfathomable.

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Marvel Universe’s Fate Hangs in the Balance as a New Carnage Symbiote Threatens to Unleash its Deadly Power

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it comes to villains, there can never be just one iteration. Such is the case with the infamous Cletus, whose persona has been expertly replicated by the talented Harrower. While this new version bears a striking resemblance to the original, he is undoubtedly his own man, with a unique set of skills and a formidable presence.

However, let it not be forgotten that the original Cletus and his symbiote companion, Carnage, have not hung up their hats just yet. Following their recent escapades in King in Black, they have parted ways, leaving Carnage free to pursue his political aspirations while Cletus ascends to a godlike status.

With the original duo preoccupied, there is nothing to stop Harrower’s Cletus from accumulating power and wreaking havoc on the world. Unless, of course, Deadpool can find a way to halt his nefarious plans before it’s too late. But given the terrifying abilities possessed by these villains, it may well be a case of too little, too late. Brace yourselves, dear readers, for the battle of a lifetime may be upon us.


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