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Mashle | Magic & Muscle | NEXT One-Punch Man?

Hey guys welcome Back to and Today we gonna talk about New Manga on Shonen Jump named Mashle.

Mashle : Magic and Muscles has just made its debut world wide.

Mashle Magic and Muscles

There’s a new series on the block that just got a simultaneous release in Japan along with the West. Just a couple days ago called Mashle magic and muscles it’s literally the combination of magic and muscles that make up the word Mashle. Check out manga and anime like Mashle.

Comparison with One-Punch Man

People in japan are already making comparisons to the one and only legendary one punch man. One punch man isn’t over yet nor is it by the same author nor is it about a world of heroes. So why are people comparing the two already. When there really isn’t that much information about this new series aside from the freshly released first chapter is a completely new series not really based off of any novel, but is it perhaps inspired by one punch man.

About The Series

let’s take a look so Mashle is set in a fantasy world of magic where magic is used for everything. Everyone uses magic it’s imbued in society and one’s mastery pretty much determines how well you make it into the world. But deep in a forest there exists a young man who is our main character Mash. That cannot use magic instead he spends all his time training his physical body and bulking up.

Basically a bodybuilder who can’t use magic but is literally so strong from all the training making blocks supposed in magic attacks that can destroy an entire forest with just a flick of his arms. The guy is a legend waiting to be born and that is why I think people find it so similar to one punch man a character so OP( Over Powered) for the world it’s said in everything is kind of a joke to them.

Which makes for a great comedy material in just the first chapter it was filled with gags and quirky expressions that one would expect from a comedy. And judging just by the first chapter this is definitely edging on more of the comedy side than these shown inside the artists wacky sometimes quite simple but detailed .

When it wants to be there’s just a ton of contrast between panels. And you can really tell is gonna be hilarious if and when someone decides to make it into an anime. Mash himself is kind of expressionless most of the time not unlike our bald superhero. But his character is quite different he’s really upfront about his feelings and what he thinks and it seems like he’s also quite confident in their skills and abilities to make things happen. He gets into a situation where he is forced to go to magic school which he complies and then subsequently says, ” if this world won’t allow to live in peace because they don’t know magic then I’ve got no choice but to crush it with my fists”.

He’s a bad-ass he’s not clueless and he’s not afraid to show it. He’s gonna ace magic school with no magic.

Mob Psycho Looks

Some people says he looks like mob from mob psycho grown up a little with his mushroom here and all. But if you look just a little closer his hair style is way more stylish than mobs. And it would definitely be the leader of the body Improvement Club rather than just a member so the big question is is this the next one punch man.

Get for free

if you read the first chapter which you can read for free on the official visible English website. At first you do kind of feel like mash reminds you a little of one-punch man in the way that he’s kind of dead eyed but the way the gags come up the way they introduce the backstory to mash definitely makes it feel like they’re telling a much more personal story. Where as in one punch man it almost feels like the spotlight is in all there of the characters that are in the world of one punch man. So yes on the surface it’s a mix of comedic gags and a super strong OP dude but there’s definitely a very different story being told.

Link of For Manga – Click

Is THIS the NEXT One-Punch Man?

Behind it all then again this is just the first chapter and all this is just based off of my impressions of this first chapter. So best for you to check it out for yourself in the side if it’s worth your time this is probably one of the more interesting series to start up.


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