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Mastermind Behind Robberies Strikes Again as “Luffy” Unveils a Crime Spree!

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2023)

The Japanese police are investigating a string of burglaries orchestrated by a suspect or group using the alias “Luffy.” The name is a reference to the protagonist of the popular anime and manga series, “One Piece.” The burglaries have taken place in 14 prefectures across Japan and have resulted in several arrests. However, the mastermind behind the crimes, “Luffy,” remains at large.

According to police, the group members have been communicating with “Luffy” through the Telegram messenger app. The app’s anonymous nature has made it a popular choice for coordinating criminal activities. The police have reason to believe that the members were recruited through an informal ad on social media.

Unfortunately, one of the burglaries resulted in a tragedy. A 90-year-old woman named Iyo Ōshio was murdered in Komae, Tokyo. The police have analyzed communication data from the suspects’ mobile phones and discovered that “Luffy” was instructing the group members through Telegram.

The identity of “Luffy” is still unknown. The police are unsure whether “Luffy” is an individual or a group, but they have traced the mobile network communications to the Philippines. In response, Japan and the Philippines will soon be holding talks about the handover of several suspects, including Yuki Watanabe and Kiyoto Imamura.

Imamura is expected to be transferred to Japan immediately after the necessary paperwork is filed. However, Watanabe will remain in custody in the Philippines due to a separate criminal case. The Japanese police are continuing their investigation to uncover the identity of “Luffy” and bring an end to the string of burglaries.


Source – Mainichi Shimbun & NHK (Link 2)

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