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“Me & Roboco” Manga by Shūhei Miyazaki Gets TV Anime Adaptation

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2022)

Shuhei Miyazaki’s TV animation of “Me & Roboco” was announced in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 26 (Shueisha) released today May 30th. The series started on July 6, 2020, and is set in the era when the beautiful girl maid robot “Made to Order (OM)” became popular in the family. 

“Me & Roboco” is a story set in a world where beautiful girl-made robots and custom-made robots are popular in the home. A comical depiction of the everyday life of a slightly unusual custom-made Roboco who came to the house of a fifth-grade boy, the ordinary man, and the ordinary man and his friends. 

Up to 7 volumes have been published, and the latest 8 volumes will be released on June 3rd. In this issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, “Me & Roboco” was featured on the cover and intro color.

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An ordinary fifth-grader, an ordinary person (Taira Bond), was excited to finally buy a custom-made product at home. However, the one who came home was an OM different from the catalog. It has been decided that the manga “Me & Roboco” (written by Shuhei Miyazaki) serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” will be made into TV animation.

A slapstick gag comedy where the strange daily life of the strongest Dojikko maid Robo Roboco and the kind-hearted boy Bond begins. The TV animation was announced in the 26th issue of the serialized magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump” released today, and it is displayed on the cover and intro color.

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