Mega Man X DiVE Expands to Offline Mode on PC and Smartphones

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2023)

During the CAPCOM Showcase stream on Sunday, an exciting announcement was made: CAPCOM will be launching Mega Man X DiVE Offline, a version of its popular smartphone game that can be played without an internet connection. This highly anticipated release is set to hit PC, iOS, and Android platforms later this year.

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The game was initially released in Taiwan and other Asian regions in March 2020 before making its way to Japan for iOS and Android devices in October of the same year. NebulaJoy later introduced the game as Mega Man X DiVE to the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Ireland in August 2021, followed by Europe and Latin America in November 2021. A PC version of the game was launched on Steam in September 2021 for Asian regions and expanded to non-Asian regions in January 2022.

NebulaJoy’s decision to conclude the iOS and Android versions of Rock Man X DiVE in Asia, along with the PC version, has been set for September 27. However, reassuringly, the globally available Mega Man X DiVE, developed by NebulaJoy, will persistently remain operational without any specified termination date, as the company considers it to be an independent entity.

In a captivating twist to the Mega Man X saga, the game introduces iconic characters into a “what-if” narrative. As a classic side-scrolling adventure, players embark on a quest to gather parts that empower their characters, enhancing their abilities along the way.


Source | Mega Man X DiVE Offline game’s website

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